What have you found down the back of your sofa?

October 23, 2009 10:23am CST
I was just wondering if you have ever found anything different or unusual down the back of your sofa. I know I never have I just find the usual things like pens,coins,the kids toy cars or bits of their Lego and of course the standard fluff and dirt that always seems to gather there no matter how much you clean. Have you ever been short of cash and decided to look down the back of the sofa and found enough money to last you to pay day.
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• India
3 Nov 11
Hi littleone My sofa has usual dust darts, our maid cleans daily using a handy vaccum cleaner, so there is no chance of finding any thing, at times my granddaughter leaves her pens, pencils there, the maid keeps that safely, about cash, even if she finds, she will never give us.. Thanks for sharing Best of luck. Professor
• India
3 Nov 11
Everything are found down the back of our sofa........My younger brother always throw any things like their toys,chocolate wrapper etc. and dust is also found in sofa.. I share a link with you where you get more idea how we clean our sofa set's and how we can prevent it by stains.This site also offer cleaning services. http://www.sofasetdesigns.co.in/
@atv818 (1987)
• United Arab Emirates
8 Aug 10
We bought a sofa when my youngest child was born and we were forced to throw it out when it got so broken from constant usage by the entire family. Drinks were spilled and toys were hidden there every now and then. Before throwing it away, we checked it pulling out the cushion and cutting the holes to make it larger. Lo and behold, we saw toys, missing items and even moldy foods that fell while my children were watching television and eating at the same time. Since buying the new sofa, we made it a point that sofas are only for viewing purpose only, not for eating.
@codris (783)
• Italy
23 Oct 09
everything, hairs, dust, pieces of paper and wood, pieces of puzzle, some cd, and other things like some coins and some things that i lost some months before. Now if i lose something the first place i look is under the sofa. i found something under the bed and some forniture too. My cat always try to take things under them so in this way i can understand when there is something under them.
• Philippines
23 Oct 09
oh, yes. i found coins, pencils, pens, hair pullers, comb, and dirt.. without our knowing, they slipped on the sides or back of the sofa as we sat on it. it was a surprise one day when we had to turn the sofa to its side and heard some things inside. when we detached the thin covering, we found what we have long lost. but i haven't found cash enough to last me through payday. but i have found P1,000 inside the pocket of my house dress that was in the clothes cabinet.