Emergency Mylot Tip: Type your topics/posts on word processing software first!

United States
October 23, 2009 6:25pm CST
F***ING HELL!!! Twice this month i've lost my posts and topics typing on Mylot and lost what I was about to say. I've never felt this frustrated during my time in here. I had something to say in this topic, "Would you cheer on a lynch mob?" (http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/2163404.aspx), but after I clicked on the "post response" button, my internet connection conked out on me and I lost all of what I was about to say on there! Frustrating as hell! Now I have no choice but to use word processing software like Notepad or Wordpad, anything that lets me type something out like a rough draft before posting it on MyLot. Saving your topics or posts is optional and so is copying the original , but to save yourself future frustration in losing what you're about to say, type it out on word processing software! There may have been more incidents, I can't remember, but do this method and paste it as a topic or post when you're finished.
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• Philippines
24 Oct 09
hello Duo, Thank you so much for your tip. but fortunately, i have been using that as well when ever i comment on other people's response, if they are way too many or if am commenting on other people's discussions. this happens to me too when ever i respond or make a discussions and then mylot suddenly turned slow when loading.have a great day
@kutedarsu (254)
• India
24 Oct 09
Me too faced the same problem then i am using notepad to type first then pasting or retyping to mylot page..
@k4karthik (439)
• India
23 Oct 09
Your idea of saving the draft in notepad or word pad is good. But currently i will not be able to do that as i have not reached minimum posts of 500. Post that only i can do copy paste work. Last 2 weeks we are facing here electricity problem. Many times my all work in Mylot and other sites got destroyed and i stopped doing everything for a while. Your suggestion is good. I will try that as soon as i reach minimum post to do that.
@defcon505 (919)
• United States
24 Oct 09
That happens to me all the time because my internet provider is not that good. I'm using wi-fi that's why. I need to get 500 post to be able to copy past. I need more post!!!!! That really is frustrating. I once slammed my hand on my keyboard.
@Wordlinx (506)
• India
24 Oct 09
After reading the first response, I tried to paste some thing in the box , I got some long warning or error message which is not allowing me to paste anything..Then I went through some other discussions also to know about that,,,,Are we not allowed to paste anything till we reach 500 posts? Very hard to reach and paste...I happened to know a new thing because of your discussion ..Thanks a lot..Are the other members who reached 500 posts allowed to spam here? I don't understand the concept..