Do you believe in ghosts?

October 25, 2009 6:53pm CST
If you're going to ask me, my answer depends. I don't know if ghosts are real or not or just our imagination. Yesterday, because of curiosity and boredom I watched videos of real ghosts and I don't know if I'm going to be scared or not because its just a video and anyone with a great skill in editing can make an ordinary video into a scary one. Those videos scared me a bit because I feel like I'm watchiung a horror movie but still, I don't know if ghosts are real or not because I haven't seen them but I don't want to. I'm interested in ghosts but I don't want to see any of them. One of the videos I can't forget is a little girl whos looking at the mirror then her reflection is different from what she's doing but the little girl didn't notice it. How about you? Have you seen ghosts?
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@ifa225 (11093)
• Indonesia
9 May 10
I have never seen it before, but just like you i have seen many videos that record the ghost appearance. I believe they are exist.
@CatGods (4592)
• United States
3 Nov 09
yes i believe in ghosts. I have never seen a ghost but I would like to. Further more I would love to have a conversation with a ghost. I have a ton of questions I would like to ask. Who knows maybe some day it will happen, any thing is possible.
@dodo19 (38558)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
3 Nov 09
Yes, I do believe in ghosts. I believe that I've had a couple of experiences with ghosts. I'm still not 100% sure whether it was a ghost or simply my imagination, but I don't really think that it was my imagination. I really think that what I experienced wasn't my imagination at all, but actually a ghost. Either way I still do believe that ghosts do exist.
@kkanaka (887)
• Singapore
28 Oct 09
I am very scared of ghosts, even though I have seen them only in movies or videos, I dont want to think there are ghosts around.... I would just like to think they are only in our imagination since I havent seen them yet....
@mods196621 (3629)
• Philippines
27 Oct 09
Yes I believe in ghost. Because i saw them in real actions. Here it is. When I was in a hospital during my work hour at night I saw a lady in white dress walking along the isle. And because i never thought that it was a ghost, I followed her until i reached the placed where she gone. To find out that there is no people inside which I saw her go inn there. I called our doctor just to checked if she is really there in E.R. finally she is there and the lady I was saw is a real ghost.
@Ravenladyj (22936)
• United States
26 Oct 09
As much as I dont care for the term "ghosts", yes I do believe in the spirits...BUT as for shows like Ghost Hunters and the like I dont necessarily believe those are actual unaltered situations....However I've had (as has my family) experiences of my own so ya I believe in spirits fully..
• India
26 Oct 09
I am not sure if Ghosts are real or not I'd like to believe they're real but I have never encountered one before in my life. I'd kind of like to though, just to say I saw one or not. But I do like to watch Ghost movies and stories. I like hearing ghost stories and are always a lot of fun to listen to.I think some mysterious supernatural force is around us.If there is any scientific evidence to show the existence of Ghost,then we can believe it.But,not yet no one is providing any concrete evidence for it.It is something special in hearing Ghost stories from grandmother or grandfather in my childhood.I can never forget those days.
@sandyck (54)
• Indonesia
26 Oct 09
I never believe on ghosts, but hopefully never meet him since I'm afraid..LOL