black tuesday

@cher913 (25865)
October 27, 2009 3:50pm CST
wow, i saw a show on tv last night on PBS that made me realize that this week is the 80th anniversary of black tuesday and the events leading up to the wall street crash of 1929. fortunately, rules are in place that it won't happen again to that extent but as we are going through a recession right now here in north america, do you ever wonder about it and how they survived back then? i am sure most of us have heard stories from relatives.
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@hvedra (1623)
28 Oct 09
Whilst the majority of "little people" got stung coming and going in the crash, a few people made a fortune. So much, in fact, you really could wonder if it was engineered that way... My mother was a small child through the crash and after it but from a relatively poor family anyway. Like a lot of people of her generation she hates waste and doesn't really trust banks and other institutions. I'm currently reading some books set in the industrial Midlands of England that cover from before the First World War to just after the second. They are the memoirs of a poor - but sadly typical - woman. The amazing thing is that she doesn't come across as bitter even though she had some right to be. When "poor relief" was decided by the rich and churches as to who was worthy to receive it and everyone had some underpaid job or scheme on the side just to survive. Even as a young child she would be trying to earn money because back then every penny did count because it was a chance of something to eat. There was no longing for toys or any of the luxuries kids demand today, this was someone who aspired to clean clothes, regular means and enough firewood!
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@dawnald (84075)
• Shingle Springs, California
27 Oct 09
My mom got all the black, brown and gray hand me downs and she hated them and wore bright colors when she grew up. My in-laws went through not only the depression, but the war, in Nazi Germany. My mother-in-law in particular has some horror stories about how they picked weeds from the fields behind the house and made soup from them. There's one picture of her as a girl in a nice dress, but she says she doesn't ever remember actually having a nice dress.
@hvedra (1623)
28 Oct 09
The dress may have been borrowed. It wasn't unusual for photographers to have clothes to loan people for pictures - or for them to be borrowed from a neighbour, etc.
@pergammano (7691)
• Canada
30 Oct 09
cher....If I remember right, there were many that didn't survive Black Tuesday, and I don't think that we have learned that much, as from all my learnings...the recession today, is a lot worse than that historical day! And it could possibly be, that we just have more media coverage today, to bring the pitfalls to the fore front! Is this the BLACK two years? Have a great day...Cheers!
@zandi458 (27948)
• Malaysia
28 Oct 09
No idea what it is but the present world economic situation is at its worse and we have to be patient until the recession subside. The world politicians and the economists should put their heads together to find a solution to the worsening global economic downturn.