How to Build Strong Networking Relationship??

November 1, 2009 2:37am CST
"Who has no friends die in prison.", as the saying goes. A strong networking relationship is a different priceless treasure. Networking is a great way to promote your business, in order to creat a strong networking relationship, you must make some investments in building relationship. In the past 2 years, I tried to make more friends and build networking relarionship with others by blogging. But now, it seems useless and I am looking for some other ways to do it well. So, how to create and manage your networking relationship? Do you have some experiences on building strong relationship? Are these social networking sites(Such as Facebook) helpful?
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@bluray (408)
• Singapore
1 Nov 09
To build a strong network of friends their should be mutual understanding, have to meet in person to build a strong and positive relation,I think social networking sites may help you to find your old friends but starting a all new friendship is not always possible.
• Mexico
2 Nov 09
Hi bluray: i think that's a very realistic point of view about this subject even i have heard some good experiences of persons that have actually built friendships thanks to the internet. As i mentioned you should try on forums and off course it will required some time to know the right people. Thanks for your answer.
• Mexico
2 Nov 09
Hi get browser: thanks for talking about your experience and as you have mention it's important to value friendships for your personal projects. I'm not sure how to help you because i don't look for new friends on facebook, i just add the people i know, period but if you want it you should do it. I think you should try on some forums and search some persons with the same interests you have.
@celticeagle (124391)
• Boise, Idaho
1 Nov 09
Another strong way to create a strong networking relationship is to spell check your work before you send it out into the world. Also, a good re-read doesn't hurt. Heehee ha haha ha ha.
@binysky (34)
• China
1 Nov 09
for me ,make investments to building relationship i feel that is very important in the network.if you have any question you can tell you friends ,maybe it can help solve this porblem.second,if you want to develop better,you will certainly be to expand network of relationship through a friends,third,we all know building relationship is not necessarily useful for us ,but if you no to do that's ......