How much credit do you actually earn by posting images on your discussions?

November 5, 2009 6:53pm CST
I read that if I post images in discussions I start I'd have credit on it? Does anyone know the average credit one can have? I realize the points vary depending on your star rating but I am just new so maybe the lowest possible earning is good enough I read in one post that someone just got banned because of posting images in mylot. That would be scary. Is it really worth the risk? I'd rather stick with just posting plain text and responding to discussions if it weren't really much of a difference thanks all in advance!
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@syndrix (475)
• Malaysia
9 Nov 09
Hi "bryandairogarcia" welcome to MyLot, I am also new to myLot but like what you have said "the points vary depends on the star rating" of the members to earn credits I disagree with your opinion. As you can see and noticed I have only post 162 post including this discussion but my level is 8. In my opinion credits will depends on the number of your participations and I think levels here in myLot doesn't give any points. With regards to images posting you can get points if it is relevant to the topics or discussions.
• United States
6 Nov 09
I do not know the value of posting a image... may have more value per how many hits IT gets, but I understand it is less than a text posting. If you find out, I'd like to learn!