How to maintain cotton dresses?

@srija12 (211)
November 12, 2009 9:25pm CST
Hi, We will lot and lots of dress.Out of that Maintaining Cotton dresses are big head ache.I really do not know how to maintain cotton dress.After 2 washes they are looking like old dress.Do we have any tips and tactics to maintain cotton dresses?
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• India
12 Apr 11
Coton dresses are really difficult and costly to maintain compared to polystyres or polyster blends, you have to wash them with good soap or detergents, use fabric conditioners, dry in shade, iron them using hot iron, and avoid stains always lol Welcome to mylot Thanks for sharing Cheers. God bless you, have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘Bhuwan’. .
@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
13 Nov 09
it's really frustrating, isn't it? when you pull your favorite white cotton or colored shirt out of your closet and you discover that it's lost its glean? well usually i wash my cotton white cloths in very hot water and i always separate them with colors, try not using detergent that has high in residue, sometimes residue build up in your washer which causes stain, check your cotton cloths before drying make sure all the stains have been remove and lastly never use cholorine bleach..
• India
13 Nov 09
Hi srija , I like cotton dresses very much. but i think it is really difficult to maintain the cotton dresses. The drawback in the cotton dresses is we cannot wear that in an urgent situation. it look un neat when we wear with ironing. So i prefer synthetic dresses mostly. The synthetic dresses are easily maintained. This cotton dress looks neat only when we apply starch and iron it.
• United States
13 Nov 09
wash them inside out in cold water and line dry them. tumble them on low heat just for a few minutes after there completly dry to soften and smooth any wrinkles. dont wash anything but cotton in the load and dont pack the washer full. medium load on a full tub of water. the more friction your dress gets the quicker its going to fade and get those annoying little balls all over it. good luck!