Explain to me Exactly why the KARDASHIANS have they're own tv show?

November 14, 2009 3:59pm CST
I mean who are they? I have never heard of them before and then all of a sudden a reality show. is Hollywood really running out of new ideas for television? If Im all alone in my confusion then sorry. but Ijust dont get it are they celebrities for being famous?
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• United States
14 Nov 09
Don't feel bad cause I never heard of them before either but do know the name and they are related to my doctor. Sounds like Hollywood is running out of ideas for shows and puts these really unknowns out there, kinda like Kate and Jon. I never heard of them before and then before you knew it they were all over the news and I was asking myself who are they?
• Philippines
15 Nov 09
So people are being turned into celebrities just so to become famous. LMAO
@laniekins (4585)
• Philippines
6 Sep 11
I also learned about the Kardashians thru their reality TV show but I've seen Kim modeling a product and I've seen bunch of her photos on yahoo! Kris Jenner became an overnight millionaire because of the show. I like Kris Jenner's style, at her age she still looks sassy and stylist and she's rich.
• Philippines
8 Jul 10
well i guess ryan seacrest had an idea and just wanted to ride on kim kardashians sudden popularity. to tell you frankly, i think he hit it bigtime with this show. television shows are really just for ratings and even if they dont have good content as long as people watch them and raise the ratings then it's a good enough, money making show. i think that keeping up with the kardashians is the highest rated show in E. so ryan seacrest was lucky that he produced this show. in all fairness to the kardashians, they are so funny! so there :)