do you remember your first school teacher?

November 16, 2009 12:50am CST
teacher play a important role in our matter you still in school or you already be a life earner,we should thanks our you remember your first school teacher?what does he or she gave you/
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@Porcospino (31393)
• Denmark
4 Jun 10
I remember my first teacher. I liked him, but my parents and many of the other parents didn't like him, and they thought that he wasn't a very good teacher. He taught Danish and religion, and I especially remember the religion lessons. He knew every story from the bible and he never used books. He was very good at telling the stories and I enjoyed listening to him. Religion was my favourite subject at that time. Some years ago I saw him on tv, he was playing the guitar and singing a song, and I know that he doesn't teach anymore.
• Indonesia
16 Nov 09
Hi, Teacher is someone who gives us the sience, with sicence, allowing us to survive. a coincidence my mother was a teacher. an again the first chance to teach me in school was my mother. So i always remember my first teacher . She gave the foundation of science is to understan the letter. So my mother taught me to read. i love you mom. Have a nice day
@Rainegurl (2156)
• Philippines
16 Nov 09
Hi, christina I remember my first school teacher very well. She was kind and has a gentle voice. I can say that I am grateful to have her as my first teacher because I was never afraid nor did I felt aversion towards going to school. Have a nice day!
@BART78 (2927)
• Canada
16 Nov 09
hi there again christina!..yup i never forgot my first grade school teacher, her name is naoime, the reason i won't forget her is she never gave up on me with mathematics, she always give something at the end on the day most of it are fruits, we made a deal to each other that i will study hard in math and she always gave me fruit, fair enough for me then.. LOL!