Tell me about ur first day of ur first job.

@srija12 (211)
November 16, 2009 9:27pm CST
Share with us ur first day experience in ur first job.For sure that will be unforgettable moment in ur life.Some times it may be pathetic or it may full of fun.Just share with us guys.
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@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
17 Nov 09
My first real job aside from baby sitting was at a big retail store called Montgomery Ward I was just barely 16 years old. I was terrified actually. The first day of work was in a training room where we learned to use the cash register. I was so nervous and I remember that the person training us was not very nice and treated us all like we were morons, but learning the cash register and all the procedures was not all that hard and soon we were brought out on to the actual sales floor where we basically followed an experienced cashier around and watched them and then they watched us we rang up things and made sure we did everything right. The next time I went to work my friend and I who had just learned everything the day before were left alone to work with out any one there to help us, but we got through it.