I need you opinion on this?Please Help!

@happy2512 (1266)
November 16, 2009 11:13pm CST
Recently I just got hired from one of the companies that I really dream to work but my mom just had a second thought to purse with that career later after the school year for I am teacher in a Secondary Private School. My reason that I applied is for my families security because presently I am not well compensated & both(me & my husband)of our income is just enough for the needs of my son. We have experienced that my son was rush to the hospital & we have nothing not even a single penny to use for his medication. If this happens to you what will you do? Please help me I need your opinion on this.
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@jasmeena (850)
• Indonesia
17 Nov 09
How old is your son?and you?where does your husband work?hmm..explain to your mom that you do this for your own family,for your kid..give her understanding that the job is important,not for your,but for your family`s future.Of course,you must manage your time wisely,or why don`t you find part-time job?..so sorry to hear that,what illness?hope that your son now is healthy..
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@bentoyhk (202)
• Hong Kong
17 Nov 09
Maybe try to increase your income by finding some part-time jobs.
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@lindiebiz (1013)
• Canada
17 Nov 09
Since you have the desire to work with the company, go ahead. There is nothing wrong in seeking a better job especially when you need the money. If it were me, I would go along with the job.