how often do you have iscream ?

November 18, 2009 10:52pm CST
well i go to an ice cream parlor once in every week
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@greenline (14847)
• Canada
19 Nov 09
Hello. Ice cream is one of my favorite dessert item. So, I like having ice cream after lunches and dinners, but not very often. I would say twice or thrice a week. I do keep a bucket of ice cream in my refrigerator at home, so I can have whenever I feel like it. Chocolate ice cream is my choice. The second choice is vanilla.
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@rakhii (1302)
• India
23 Nov 09
anytime, if a see icecream anywhere, i would surely go for it. its one of my favorite food and i cant miss a single chance of having my fav desert. i hav it in marriages, ice cream parlour, locan general store, ice cream stall, home delivery and may other ways.....i love ice cream
• China
21 Nov 09
hello,I like ice cream too.I had ice cream yesterday afternoon.A friend of mine buy it for me and my roomates.We had a badminitan match yesterday.On the rest time ,we went out to the suppermarket and a friend of my buy three ice cream for we three girls.Happy day!
• China
20 Nov 09
I have the ice cream often every week,too.In summer,i have it almost everyday because the weather is hot.In addition,i love having ice cream in winter,i think it's funny.
• Philippines
19 Nov 09
whenever we go to the public market we buy ice ream, and we go there for an average of twice a week
@monty001 (44)
• Australia
19 Nov 09
I love my ice cream but I think I eat too much and need to cut back. I'll go to proper ice cream stores and get their premium flavours, yum. or sometimes I'll just go for the soft serve at the local Mcdonalds. It's all good. In fact I might go get some now!
@madteaparty (2757)
• Japan
19 Nov 09
I love Ice cream but I had a throat sickness for a full year that let me unable to eat ice cream or drink anything too cold or too hot. Since I recovered I have eaten lots of ice cream, and even now in winter I always have ice cream in my freezer ;)