Morals, why have people lost morals over the years...

November 28, 2009 7:13pm CST
If the generations before us were taught morals and manners, then why aren't the new generation taught the same?
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• Australia
29 Nov 09
In some ways society hasn't changed at all, and in other ways it has. As far as morals are concerned, I don't think people have changed much. There always have been and always will be some very moral people and some the opposite, and many in between. What HAS changed is the ACCEPTANCE of different standards of morality. For instance, 40 years ago it was considered a disgrace for an unwed girl to have a baby but 10 years later, celebrities were announcing a "love child" and today it is "normal". Morality covers many areas, but in most of them we see a general acceptance of whatever one wants to believe. Why aren't the new generations taught the same things? I think it is primarily because they have a different teacher. Now, TV, celebrities and even government legislation teach a different standard. Manners have also taken on a new identity over the years, and I think this comes about at least to a degree, from the "my rights" issues. Thankfully, there are still MANY well-mannered children and young people who show respect for others, but I rather fancy the numbers are decreasing.
@wigima5 (908)
• United States
29 Nov 09
exactly, i posted a discussion like this a few days ago. well over the years more more and more parents will become less strict because of their upbringings. this in turn will make kids with looser moral values, which they will in turn pass on to their kids. and so strict morals become smaller n smaller. in addition, there are more extreme groups in every generation. These minority of people who are more promiscuous, rebellious, etc. than the rest of the people. over time some of these ideas will spread. some of these people will also become celebrities, and make these ideas more and more popular. over time it will become normal. and so it changes so. in today's world it is the rockers/skaters. No offense to them but skaters are known for breaking the rules, being more promiscuous than the rest of us, being a lot looser in moral values and caring less about these morals like good grades and education. They are known for being morals. even artists, like lady gaga and britney spears, and making s*x appeal more and more cool and kids see it and want to be like it.
@Hatley (164237)
• Garden Grove, California
29 Nov 09
hi spiderweb 316 I read an article in a book once which said just what you have said,only problem was this was in 1400 so I guess things that we complain about are no worse than they were back all those ages. it all boils down to people will be people some good some bad, and a lot in between.we just have to do the best we can to be good examples for our kids and teach them that way so they will also be good. You cannot be rude and ill mannered and expect children not to copy you,so it begins withthe parents and then with the lessons they teach their children but they must practice what they preach.
@madteaparty (2759)
• Japan
29 Nov 09
Seems that the generation that learned those morals is not willing to spread the word. Also, nowadays we have many different sources of knowledge, and we're forced to choose. Between the authoritary figure of our parents or the nice figure of our friends, most of the times we choose the 2nd one, but they have their own made up morals, so that ends up in a degeneration in morals nowadays.
• Canada
29 Nov 09
Things have to change sometime. Its not that this generation does not know morals and manners, they just choose not to use them. I'm generally very polite, I use my manners. But many would say that I maybe don't have very strong morals. But in the end the only person I am hurting is myself, as are all of this generation. I will learn something from that, and I think that's what the older generations need to understand. Times have changed, we express ourselves in new ways, have fun in new ways, and learn from our mistakes in new ways too.