Do you afraid of exams?

@vincyk (198)
November 30, 2009 4:41am CST
Last weekend, i have took a very serious exam,i am so afraid of it and at that time i am really felot like that i am going to die.So do you have this kind of experience?
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• China
5 Dec 09
if not exam, i will not study. hahaaa/ so , we need a lot exams, and many exams.
@mawong79 (215)
• Malaysia
1 Dec 09
Well, I can say Im feared of examinations. Im remembered that I had exam last two months ago. At the preparing time of exam, it actually quite stress till the exam finished then I was immediately feeling headache at that time. It seem like a bom come out from the body of the stress. However, im feel very happy after the exam and overall the exam have improve me a lot.
@TazRes (827)
• United States
30 Nov 09
Hi Vincyk, I remember when I was in school, I would be nervous when it was time to take any test...LOL...I would have trouble sleeping the night before. and would wake up way before my usual time that I get up. but after getting the results; depending on the grade I was happy. you'll be fine.
@dodo19 (42561)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
30 Nov 09
To be honest, I really wouldn't say that I'm afraid of exams. I do get nervous about them, but I really don't think that I'm scared of them. Personally I don't think there's really anything to be afraid of. I can understand worrying or being nervous about an exam, but I don't think that there's anything to be really afraid of.
@jasmeena (850)
• Indonesia
30 Nov 09
it`s understandable, as i am a teacher...i agree that it will depend on how prepared you are during the`s not about whether you`re smart or not but it`s more about your mentality,preparation and how you can control yourself not to overpanic..
@monkeylong (3146)
• Guangzhou, China
30 Nov 09
As far as I'm concerned ,I think I am not afraid of the exams which will improve us a lot. In the world , there are many more exams in our life, which we must overcome them one by one. If we prepare them so well, I think we can have a happier life.At least a comfortable life.
@danitykane (3190)
• Philippines
30 Nov 09
No i'm not really scared to take exams or quizzes unless, I didn't study at all! haha.. When i was still studying I am so studious and I always read my lesson and memorize some of it. I'm always eager to get high score in every exams and I rarely got a failing score or grade. But there are times that i am scared to fail on exams even if i studied so much because, there was a professor of mine in the past that loves to give some question that are out of nowhere! something that was out of his covered lesson. But overall, taking exams is fun and exciting. Happy Lotting!
• China
30 Nov 09
It depends on preparations of the exam which i takes.if i have well prepared on it,i will look forward to be tested.and if it is not, i will afraid of it ,and pray that the day of the exam would not come
• Pakistan
30 Nov 09
yeah , its a universal fact vinyk that everybody even tlented and extra ordinary student do afraid of exams its a behavioral psychology of human ....
• Philippines
30 Nov 09
There's nothing to be afraid of it if we review about the scope of the exam but if the exam was unexpected and you were not prepared for it, I think I'm gonna die too. It was totally disappointing if I fail on a serious exam.
• Boston, Massachusetts
30 Nov 09
Hi Vincyk, I feared examinations but what calms me down is the thought that i made the necessary preparations in taking the test. So before taking the exams you have to review and study hard so that you will have the confidence that you can make it. It's good to be nervous because it will keep you up all your senses are active but of course what you know and have is more important--stored knowledge!