Still Alive?

United States
December 12, 2009 10:32am CST
It's funny how after all these years, the ps2 is still having games for it. But why has the xbox died in the midst of history?
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• United States
22 Dec 09
The PS2 is still alive since the PS3 didn't catch on like Sony hoped, so they kept making games for their older system as they pushed out PS3 games. There were more diverse and original games on the PS2 that were exclusive to the system as well, like Katamari, Okami, ICO, and Shadow of the Colossus, not to mention the Final Fantasy series. XBOX got completely replaced by the 360 and Microsoft didn't go back to make anymore games for it like Sony did so the XBOX has been replaced but still lives on in memory imo.
• Philippines
22 Dec 09
Well ps2 has an array of Accessories to choose from like Eyetoy, Keyboard, and mouse, Guitar, Car simulation equipments and stuff. PS2 can support HD drives. Games like the Final Fantasy Series(Which majority of the people are in to that kind of games) is on the SONY part, not on the Microsoft part. And to take note, Sony's PlayStation 1 Outrunned all the Console before. And as said above, Xbox is like PC. Why settle for an xbox when you have one...inside your home...
@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
20 Dec 09
The X-Box 360 has taken over the X-Box and they make a lot of games for the X-Box 360 they are very expensive but people are still buying them and my son still gets a new game like once a month if he has the money. Some of the X-Box games from the original X-Box still work in the 360 but not all of them do. My son still has a lot of his X-Box games.
@Bionicman (3962)
• Czech Republic
16 Dec 09
Because it wasn't very popular in the first place. And xbox had the same architecture as PC, so why would you make games for old computer? Playstation 2 has pretty unique system and you can still squeeze some hidden power out of it