What do you like to write?

December 14, 2009 3:23am CST
Do you like to write short stories, poem, article, reviews, etc.,? I do prefer to write poem, because it's the easiest way to express my emotions. How about you?
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@kevinll (967)
• China
20 Dec 09
I like to write real story which happended around me. And i prefer to write movie review. I just write the 2009 world wonderful movies. I would like to share my feeling with other friends.
• Philippines
20 Dec 09
Oh, that's good for you. You know I really wish I could able to write a real good story. But my knowledge in English language is limited. I find it hard to express, show and tell the real situations. Anyway thank you for sharing with us and enjoy your day!
@Porcospino (28474)
• Denmark
20 Dec 09
I have written poems and a few short stories, but I have spent most of the time on poems. I started writing poems when I was 12, and that is more than 20 years ago. My writing style has changed since that time and so has the topics that I write about, but I still like to express my thoughts and feelings in poems, and sometimes I write poems that are based on new age stories or parables. I have two projects are the moment. I want to finish my collection of poems and I want to write some short stories.
@abhi_bangal (3686)
• India
17 Dec 09
Presently reviews is what I am doing. But I am also trying to focus my attention on short stories and poems etc. I think poetry is the most difficult form of expression. There are so many types of rhytems - the a-b, a-b, then a-a b-b, then the sonnets for which Shakespeare is so well known. By the way, I have tried my hand at it and was successful up to some extent as I was invited for a ceremony to read out my poem.
• United States
17 Dec 09
I like to journal. I love to write with markers or colored pencils. I also enjoy writing short stories. But I keep those to myself. I am not an english scholar. But I just like to write. Oh I like to write letters, actually hand write letters. Again, I just like to write.
• United States
17 Dec 09
I like writing poetry, but for the past five years I've been working on a novel that has taken up a good bit of my time, but there are the few occasions where I sit down and write a few poems, but my novel has consumed me for a very long time.
@ruchimom (280)
• Australia
16 Dec 09
Hi I like to express my feelings,share them with others,Short stories etc dont really bother me but the feeling of releasing my emotions excite me
• United States
15 Dec 09
I write poems and lyrics mostly. Lately I have been writing study guides and lessons for Bible studys. I think I like that the most. I also write articles each week and send them out to a subscribed list. Sometimes I like that and sometimes I like to skip a week!
• United States
14 Dec 09
So far I really like to write articles, it is easy for me and I write them for sites....I have written short stories in the past, started them, for fun, but that kind of creativity and showing it to others causes a big vunerablility, so I have never ever allowed anyone to read any of my short stories, I ran a summary once with my ex, and I just felt silly describing it, because I was so scared that people would think it was "stupid". I have grown A LOT more confident in myself lately though, so perhaps I will now write a short story and publish it, if I can be brave