Lauren should be more cautious

@stealthy (8188)
United States
December 22, 2009 6:25pm CST
One would think that after all that Lauren has been through, she would not be so easily taken in as she is being by Daisy. Even Eden can see through her lies and manipulations. I thought Lauren was smater than this.
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@happy6162 (3009)
• United States
25 Dec 09
I have never thought Lauren was that smart if she was she would not have had to be save by Paul so many times when their were together. I hope they do not drag this out with Ryder and Daisy and Lauren forever enought already.
@dawnald (84070)
• Shingle Springs, California
24 Dec 09
Especially after they caught Daisy in a lie. But now that Eden's seen Daisy and Ryder hugging, maybe it will be the beginning of the end. But maybe not. Adam still hasn't been caught, so maybe they'll drag this one on for another year too!
• United States
24 Dec 09
I think Lauren is so pre occupied with the store and the holiday season. Usually she is a great judge of character. I remember a time when she was a trouble maker, but now she is a good character. She is a great mom and a great store owner. Daisy is an odd ball and is so mysterious. I can not figure out what she is up to. I think she and Ryder have something going on. I think there is an involvement somewhere.
@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
23 Dec 09
It seems that just as Ryder can push Kevin's buttons, so can Daisy push Lauren's. Maybe it's the hair that bonds them together? Lauren probably sees something of herself in Daisy, but luckily Eden and Michael are on the case and hopefully will be able to protect her. I'm definitely curious to know Daisy's backstory and how she came to be involved with Mama Bear.
@jewels49 (1783)
• United States
23 Dec 09
True. Lauren is usually a very good judge of character. Maybe Daisy got by her because she is so distracted by everything else going on in her life? I like it when they bring Lauren into the story line more. I can remember when she used to be such a snotty manipulating teenager, and then evolved into someone I really like. You would think with all the times she has had to deal with sheila, that some teenager wouldn't get over on lauren's radar for bad characters.