Big Spending for this Christmas

United States
December 25, 2009 1:04pm CST
Well, once in a year, I probably won't mind to spend a little bit more for this Christmas. First of all, I bought myself a new external hard drive 1 TB; it was on sale at Microcenter, I couldn't resist that temptation, so I think it over, finally I bought it for $89.99. Second of all, I always want to take my girlfriend's nephews to the aquarium, and I spent around $200 for the tickets and food, and miscellaneous for their Christmas present. I also bought my girlfriend a new dress from BeBe, which is another $80. Finally, I gave my parents $100; and this morning I took them to a restaurant for lunch together. So, I check my checking account today, a big deduction. But I will try to save it up next month, hopefully. Do you spend a lot for this Christmas too?
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@doryvien (2284)
• United States
26 Dec 09
Hi Clorissa, Well I did some spending this Christmas but unlike the past Chrismases I've been a little frugal this time. I only bought presents for my kids and some very close family members, and prepared food just a little more than enough, for some unexpected visitors. Life has been difficult this year with all the calamities that visited my country, nevertheless, I made sure we still celebrate Christmas no matter what. Here's hoping that this coming year will be a better one for everybody.
@dorannmwin (36392)
• United States
25 Dec 09
I have to admit that in the past I've spent way too much money on Christmas. However, this year was a huge exception to the rule. I look at all of the gifts that I've bought throughout the year and I've spent significantly less than I have in previous years and even better than that, I was able to make my children just as happy by spending less than I have in the past. I think that when it comes to Christmas you have to learn to resist temptation and also to not use credit cards and you will find that Christmas won't be as hard on your checking account. Also, if you start buying early it is easier as well.
@thea09 (18305)
• Greece
25 Dec 09
Hello clorissa my dear, or is it Colin today. That was a really silly thing to do as you are always starting discussions about how badly you handle your finances and I've advised you over and over to be more frugal and take the bus instead of that car of yours which is always breaking down and then you work so hard on mylot making your lovely discussions but are always asking why you don't earn much here, it really should be that you start to respond more my deal Colin.
@vinslounge (1295)
• India
25 Dec 09
yes you can spend once in a year and it is absolutely no wrong to spend like that since it is chrsitmas and it is meant for enjoyment. Afterall money is the thing that is being invented by us in order to enjoy. Hence there is absolutely nothing wrong in spending money. All that has to be done is to save atleast 5% of our earnings in order to equip ourselves from any un forseen circumstances and apart from that we can spend money to enjoy our life