I was wondering if you do ab exercises, if you will lose some stomach fat?

United States
December 28, 2009 12:45am CST
I know everybody says that you have to do cardio exercises so you can lose fat, but I was wondering if I can still do ab exercises and lose stomach fat, and get abs?...I do cardio workout, cause I have basketball practice everyday, and all of the stuff we do is running.
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@nocturn98 (956)
• Venezuela
28 Dec 09
No matter how much you do ab excercises you can't lose stomach fat that way. Your abdominal muscles will get toned but the fat above it will still be there. You have the right idea in doing cardio. You need to reduce your overall fat level to reduce excess fat on a specific area. Decrease food intake and increase your activity.
• India
28 Dec 09
yes it is correct that we cant loose stomach fat by just doing cardio exercise,instead it leads to development of abs muscle inside but not visible outside as it is covered with the belly fat.And one more thing i would also like to tell you that by reducing food intake and doing more exercise is not the correct thing. The right way is to take proper food that is more of protiens and relatively less of fat and carb. with minimum exercise .the best is running or jogging or the arobic dance. to be frank if u want to get ripped body fast then we need to take fat absorber powder along with exercise. or otherwise if you feel that ,its not the correct method then do the former that is eat proper food devided int 6 meals per day starting with more of carb contain gradually reducing for each meals and make sure that the last meal you had is the smallest meal of the day. dont forget to drink a lot of water ....
• United States
26 Jan 10
Only cardio exercise will burn any type of fat including ab fat. I'm not saying doing ab exercises is bad - it will tone the muscles. I mean you could do cardio to lose the fat and still not have toned abs if you do not do the ab exercises. The best advice I have received is to mix strength training (including ab exercises) and cardio. Be sure to allow at least 48 hours of rest in between strength exercises for certain muscle groups. For example, if you work your upper body on Monday, don't work the same area on Tuesday. Instead, do the lower body. This allow the muscle time to repair itself and get stronger. The same would be true of doing ab exercises.
@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
28 Dec 09
first, what is your main goal here? to have ripped abs or just tone abs for your game? generally speaking, losing fats on your tummy is not so much complicated (depends in rate of your metabolism), having nice abs is not made in the gym (abs exercises) it is made in the kitchen, one of the misconception is wrong diet like starving yourself to get down to your fat percentage which is risky, the proper diet is 50% protein, 40% is complex carbs (low glycemic index 55%/slow releasing) and 10% healthy fat (mono&polysatured fat came from extra virgin olive oil, canola oil or flax seed oil), you need to have proper diet plan like eating SMALL PORTION of meal 6 times aday to keep your metabolism going (1st meal 7:00, 2nd 9:30 3rd meal 12:00nn 4th meatl 2:30 5th meal 5:30 and 6th meal 8:30) and every meal must consist of this 3 basic nutrients...back up your diet plan with 20-30 mins. cardio exercise