what do u think u can judge a person in 1st meeting

December 30, 2009 1:16pm CST
many people says that they can judge a person on their first site.what do u think..is it possible as most of the people tries to be simple and innocent in their first meeting
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@shobhan51 (376)
• Malaysia
31 Dec 09
Rahularya, first impressions are not always correct. Just as the saying goes 'Don't judge a book by its cover,' first impressions may have an impact on a person but it is time and familiarity that exposes the character of a person deeper. I always make it a point to give people the benefit of the doubt, in the initial encounters and when I am pretty sure of myself only I conclude whatever I want to. I feel that anything prejudged may have disastrous consequences and I am one person who hates to take back what has been said or done. It is not difficult for me to say sorry or withdraw what I have said if I am wrong, no doubt. But like I stated earlier, I hate to make mistakes of that kind due to hasty decisions or conclusions.
• Malaysia
31 Dec 09
Another thing I would like to add is, everyone, the good, the bad and the ugly have positive and negative sides. Some have more positive qualities than negative ones. We are a community and therefore we have to interact with all kinds of people. So all of us have to use certain amount of diplomacy and tact when dealing with situations and people. Here again many do not show their true colours until a certain situation arises. Cheers and a Happy New Year to you and family Rahularya.
• India
26 Jan 11
hi..we cannot judge a person in first meeting itself..but we can get an idea about his/her type whether they are jovile,moody or silent etc..but judging their character is different from identifying their type..so it requires atleast some few days or incident to judge a person..persons wont be same at all circumstances..so v cant judge!!
• Thailand
22 Jan 11
Hi Rahularya, nice to meet you. I think it's totally wrong when somebody says that they can judge other people just by their outlook. Human, nowadays, always wear something which we call "Public-mask" in oder to easy get in the society. By that way, they are hiding our real emotion and characteristic under that mask. These mask could be clothe, Jewelry, polite behavior and even in every single words they speak. So what we see, most of the time, is their mask. That's why in the 1st meet we can not judge them ^^
@asliah (11140)
• Philippines
15 Jan 11
hi, on the first time you had meet the person, of course i couldn't judge him/her immediately. maybe in one week i could do that.
@tod266 (85)
• Thailand
9 Dec 10
some people can do that. but some time if we judge a person in first meeting can take wrong too. for me i can not judge when i meet the people. my friend told me that when she met me at fist time she thought that i am very pound person but that is not, when she know me more.
• Bulgaria
18 Nov 10
Yes, it is possible. As you said they just TRY to act innocent but they actually don't. I can see every movement of a person's face and I can see the evil smile even if it has appeared less than a second. And usually the shy people I have met are good friends and listeners.
• Indonesia
25 Oct 10
I think so too
• Greece
24 Oct 10
I agree with most people here!you can;t judge a person with you first see him without knowing him...I have lived this and i changed my mind for many people. It is essential that by seeing one person for first time you will not have any idea of his character. We must be nice persons and don't judge people who we don;t know..
• India
24 Oct 10
well one cannot actually come to a conclusion after meeting someone for the 1st time. However, judgement or predicting might surely be possible after the 1st visit . Its often experiences marketing or business professionals , who have the skills to judge any person in 1 meet !
• India
5 Aug 10
well i think its not.. i mean i never believe in things like "Firat impression is last impression" ...every person changes with time even the nature of person can change ...and people have a lot of thing deep buried inside them its hard to dig all of them just in 1 meeting..
@mdude53 (29)
• Romania
11 Jul 10
I think it's wrong to judge someone the first time you meet. The first impression is important, but you may be surprised after you get to know better that person. Someone who seemed sweet and innocent might turn to be the most evil person you've met. Didn't happen to me but just saying that it might. That's exactly why I try not to judge people before I know them. I said I try because I can't do that every time. I still try to get over the first impression if someone proves me he or she deserves it.
• India
21 Feb 10
no one can judge a person in a first meeting..i think only god can judge..
@lay826 (56)
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
They say that first impression is lasting impression. Sometimes it's true, but sometimes it's not. It's like the saying that "do not judge a book by its cover". People are different. Some may prefer to show off their real self at first sight, while others tend to seem mysterious then in the end later they'll show you their true colors. This is one way they can observe you before you think something else about them. Meanwhile, it can also be a gesture of simplicity and sincerity since this is just the first meeting anyway. We'll see if that person will be consistent enough or just give in to his real self next time. :)
@shan0822 (436)
• United States
2 Feb 10
I think I can not do that! Judging people is so difficult to me, I kind suck at this! And aslo I always didn't do well when I first meet other people.
@cloud31 (5810)
31 Jan 10
There's a saying First impressions last.I would say there is some truth about this, you cannot judge a person in the first meeting but in the first meeting you can simply know some of his characteristic.
@jkcokley (267)
• United States
6 Jan 10
I believe this is the most bogus statement someone can tell someone. perfect example of judging someone on a first meeting. the lady from american idol britian. she was not pretty but she could belt out a song. I don't think you can judge a person by a first meeting. You should always give someone the benefit of a doubt.
@suzzy3 (8349)
31 Dec 09
That is a difficult one.If they are introduced by a friend that already knows them ,you are half way there.I always say don't judge a book by its cover read it first.Sometimes it does happen,you get a bad feeling about someone ,my husband is a very good judge of charactor and he is normally right about people.Me I give it a bit longer unless I get that gut instinct that something is wrong.
@rajuroy5 (148)
• India
31 Dec 09
I don't think you can judge a person in the first meeting itself.... i had few bad experiences myself... you are right... people tend to be more simple and innocent in their first meeting... so now i don't trust a person in the first meeting...
• India
31 Dec 09
Appearance is always deceptive - i am very bad in judging the person in the first meet. I think no one can judge a person on the first meeting. Because all the person will talk and act soft and will give a good response to you on the first meeting but when the time runs then the original color of the guy will exposed to you. some made lot of jokes and very interesting things on the first meet after they will start putting "mokkai"(jokes of 0%laugh)
@vandana7 (75804)
• India
31 Dec 09
Hi Rahularya, though I am no good at knowing a person, I think in 90 percent cases, I can judge a person within one day provided it is a full day with the person. :) People reveal so much of their nature, some of which is act and that is more obvious than the rest. Those who go out of their way to be excessively polite should always be suspected. So I find it far more easier to know where I stand with a person who is rude, or sarcastic, because I know where I stand with the person rather than a person who is too polite and tends to dig my grave. :)