Has anyone taken any effective diet pills?

@tlb0822 (1411)
United States
January 1, 2010 10:08pm CST
I am serious about losing some major pounds this year. I want to lose between twenty-five and fifty pounds. I am changing my diet, and exercising. I was thinking about possibly taking a diet pill to help speed things a long a bit. I saw that the Kardashian girls took the slim quick and were successful, but I'm sure they had personal trainers and such. So I don't know if the pill is legit or not. Then I found a pill called liporexall. I have read some reviews and people seem to be happy with the results. It is so hard to tell though if they are true reviews or made up ones by the company. It is fairly expensive so I want to be sure that it is the one that I want to take. Is anyone else thinking of using a diet pill? Any suggestions on a diet pill that works well? Thanks for the help.
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• India
11 Jul 10
Hello i am not aware of any diet pills, am afraid that may do more harm then good, for keeping weight in control i do yogic breathing exercises as taught by Ramdeb baba of India, it helps a lot.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
@zandi458 (28117)
• Malaysia
2 Jan 10
Diet pills have been banned in my country when a lady had a serious complication after taking diet pills. Since then all diet pills have been withdrawn from all pharmacies and only upon doctor's prescription can one buy the pills over the counter. Just have proper control of your diet and exercise regularly will show the magic of effective shedding of the kilos.
@BinaryKat (738)
• United States
2 Jan 10
My husband was trying Lipozene and it helped him some. But like with any diet pill I have researched you will still need to exercise and eat healthy to help with bringing the weight down.
• United States
2 Jan 10
I've heard Alli is a good pill to help, but you do have to learn to eat healthy as well. I refuse to touch any sort of diet pill or formula, as my mom tried. Turns out the doctor lied to her - the pill was only meant to help you lose 10 or so pounds, after my mom specifically stated she wanted to lose well over 100 pounds. After finding that out, she found the formula had been pulled off the market. She then found out that the formula caused her to have a heart problem. So I stay far away from those. But if you've done the research on it, [look VERY deep] then I don't see why it wouldn't help you. =] I myself am on a weight loss mission - I need to lose 97 pounds! I wish you luck!