2012 Doomsday..!!!!!

January 5, 2010 11:46pm CST
2012 end of the world is True??? Scientists say that it is not true,because the sun will explode once a year,but the power of the small end of the world can not come,we want to protect the environment,you can make the earth live longer....How do you think?????
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@vivianchen (2646)
• China
6 Jan 10
I saw the movie of , nice movie. But i don't believe that 2012 will be the doomsday, i do agree that we need to start protect the earth that we are living or some day, our next generation or next next generation will have to live somewhere else, the whole earth is going to the end.
• China
6 Jan 10
Very Good!!! I think it is ....
@mantis36 (4219)
• Philippines
15 Oct 11
true, because what happened in that movie 2012 is actually the forth or fifth time that the world is in the iced age.....
• India
22 May 11
Welcome to mylot One such was May 21 2011, it is gone, we are safe. I never believed on these predictions, Not even what our Hindu faith says. If ever the world comes to an end, we are responsible, answerable to the Almighty, if there is one. Thank you for sharing Enjoy life to fullest. ENJOY THE SUNDAY Professor ‘*^Bhuwan^*’. .