United States
January 10, 2010 5:41pm CST
do you think its right people assume things about you and then find out later you are nothing like what they first thought about you? do you think its right to make assumptions on other people?
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@celticeagle (124687)
• Boise, Idaho
11 Jan 10
I don't necessarily think it is right to make assumptions but the way life has become it is just something that has happened in everyday life. Too many people and everyone in a hurry. I think if there were less people and people were brought up respecting others and having manners then this would not be a problem at all.
@apexiph (123)
• Malaysia
11 Jan 10
Hi. This thing always happens to everyone. It happens to me too. for me, we have to always think positive about other people. There is nothing wrong if you think positive. It'll help you a lot in building a better relationship with someone..:
• Switzerland
11 Jan 10
Hi firebirdlizant. This is my second respond your post. It is coincident that I chose the other topic, happened to be yours. good luck. In my opinion... To answer directly to your question no.. it is not right. But it is not possible to be neutral without making any assumption. Somehow unconsiously we make assumtions on other people who we meet a minute ago or whom we know for years. We make assumtion even about the people whom we never met. It is unconsciouly our mind does. But as an Intellectual being we should not take this assumtion that serious to judge a person without enough evidence. In short ..Assumtion comes naturaly but validate your assumtion with facts before you judge. Thank you fo posting the question.