Is loosing weight is one of your New Year's Resolution?

January 16, 2010 6:19am CST
Almost everybody is doing a New Year's Resolution. A list of the things we want to accomplish. Others list down some not so good habits to change it to better. Others promise not to eat too much and will observe a light meal diet. Some people promise to be observant in their health and try to enroll in a gym to loose some weight. How about you, did you include this in your New Year's resolution? Is loosing weight is one of your New Year's resolution?
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• United States
18 Jan 10
I feel like losing weight has always been a resolution for me. This year I am trying to live healthy and then I hope through that the weight falls off. I am taking my family with me on this one and feeding them healthy and being more active. I think that as a group we can do it and teach our kids a great lesson in doing it. I hope that my kids never have to struggle with their weight because they have learned to live healthy in the first place.
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@Torunn (7429)
• Norway
17 Jan 10
In a way, but I started it in november, I've decided to use a year or two or possible three to lose the extra weight I have, thus hoping that I don't have to do it again. I don't really want my life to turn into a endless row of diets so I rather go slow and steady than trying to get it off fast and then gaining it again.
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@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
16 Jan 10
it's sorta one, there's a few mor kilos i want rid of. so i've gotten of my butt and started walking more again and using the excerise equipment at home. i'm feeling better for it.
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16 Jan 10
I have a personal goals as well as fitness goals. I am at the gym everyday,but yes it is one of my goals.Not as much to lose weight,but to get in to a better shape. I am told that I`m quite fit, but still i think there is a room for improvments.
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@adoremay (2065)
• Philippines
16 Jan 10
I have gained 5 pounds last year and I think I need to get it out this year.
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@besthope44 (12135)
• India
25 Jul 10
Yes for many, but i dont take it as resolution.
• Canada
19 Jan 10
Nope. I'm happy the way I am. My husband cooks, and the stuff he cooks is extremely healthy, so I don't gain a lot of weight. I am not a light person, but my doctor said that there are no problems. The last physical I had, things were just perfect.