Is hair rebonding harmful to the hair or not?

January 16, 2010 9:05am CST
I have long straight hair.I am conscious about taking care of it.However, since I'm just a simple woman, I don't usually go to salon and have hair treated with hair relax, hot oil, etc. Honestly, there maybe times that I had my hair relax and hot oil but seldom;it's effect doesn't last so I go back to my own way of caring my long hair.There was a time that I want to try hair rebonding, but I am hesitant.What do you think, is hair rebonding harmful to the hair or not?
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• Philippines
23 Jan 10
Based from my experience, no, it's not harmful to the hair AS LONG AS you get yourself treated in a well-trusted salon which specializes in hair straightening treatments. If you're from the Philippines, I would suggest you get your hair rebonded at Going Straight. I've had my hair rebonded at the said salon twice for the past six years and so far, the results were very satisfying.
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@Cutie18f (9557)
• Philippines
31 Jul 12
They say it is harmful when you do it too often because it will dry the hair. In my case, I had my hair rebonded a couple of days ago but the last rebond I had was also more than a year ago, so I guess I am not doing much harm to my hair. It now looks so straight and glossy.
• Philippines
4 Oct 11
hair rebonding is better than hair relax because according to the hair doer who rebonded my hair the chemicals of hair rebonding are milder while the chemicals for hair relaxing cause hair to burn immediately. but you should go to a recommended hair salon, it's not about its expensiveness or the salon's fame, it's about how expert the hair doer in treating your hair and the brands she or he uses.
22 Jan 10
hair re bonding is harmful if you go re bonding a lot of times. Too much is bad.. But if you only had re bonding just a time, it's good for your hair. after re bonding then go for a hot oil every month to make your hair soft. Also trim your hair monthly to cut off split ends..
• Philippines
16 Jan 10
Oh yeah, I think hair rebonding is not healthy for the hair especially when they use harsh chemical for it. I used to have hair relax thing done and it surely didn't last and worst is it made my hair dry and brittle. I heard that hair rebonding is more heavy for the hair as compared to hair relax because in hair rebond the results lasts for more than a year while hair relax lasts only for 6 months. Anyway I know a hair rebond which they say is good for the hair because they use organic or natural products on them...have you heard of XTENSO treatments for the hair? You should try it, it's a bit pricey but I guess its worth it. Good luck. Happy mylotting.