Which one do you like..?

January 21, 2010 9:52am CST
Which one do you like? Working at home or office? I like working at home because I am the boss of myself. I can rest whenever I want, I can eat anytime, I can control myself and it is much fun because I don't have a boss who always shouting etc.... hehe :)
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@Porcospino (27565)
• Denmark
11 Apr 10
I think that there are many advantages about working at home. I love the fact that I can plan everything myself and the fact that I can work whenever I want to. I also save some money that way, because I live in a village in the countryside and if I had to pay for gas or bus fares every day it would get pretty expensive. I have a laptop and a wireless internet connection and that makes me very independant. If I am going away for a few days I can just bring my laptop and my internet connection and then I can work somewhere else.
• Philippines
8 Feb 10
I agree with you. I can earn higher than an employee could have every month. Being the boss of yourself really motivates me to work and work. I can rest when I feel not good. I can eat at the right time there are so many advantages of not being an employee because no one handle your time but you.
@atv818 (1987)
• United Arab Emirates
5 Feb 10
Both! I need to earn as fast as I can because I want to be debt-free. MyLot is helping me earn while I'm home.
• Philippines
22 Jan 10
I also want to work at home, first of all you can save money, you will not paying for transportation, you can save clothes, you don't have to wear uniform, you just sit infront of your computer and start working. Yes, I agree you are the boss, no one will command on you what to do. It is your own brain will do the thinking on how to do the work. The decision is yours and yours alone. You can eat anytime and you can eat while working, you can sit on the manner you like,comfortable. You can work anytime you like and feel working. But the sad part is, I am not working at home. I have an office and a boss, but I have to face it. Sooner I will be working on my own business, that is what I long for eversince.
@maiohmai (82)
• Philippines
21 Jan 10
Isn't it a good feeling when you don't have to work for someone but yourself? I am also a full time parent and i work at home as well. Being your own boss won't give you problems that would just lead to stressful life. And the best thing in here is that you always have a quality time with your family. =)
21 Jan 10
I am a full time stay-at-home parent and I have not been working outside of the house now for nearly 12 years. I enjoy working at home and when I hear my husband's complaints about office life (the boss, his colleaugues), I get discouraged from working in a formal environment again. I have more flexibility staying and working from home. If given a choice, I would certainly opt for working at home where I can earn and supervise my family at the same time.