Will PS2 be able to survive ?

January 24, 2010 1:23pm CST
With the success of PS3 and Xbox 360 do you think that PS2 will survive ? Now-a-days most of the games that are coming require high graphics and are meant for PS3 or Xbox 360.However PS2 has done a great job to survive till now but Xbox has not been able to keep up with the Coming of Xbox 360. So will PS2 be able to do good in the market with the success of PS3 ?
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@Takashy (496)
• Latvia
24 Jan 10
It actually doesn't need to. Its now around 10 years old and even Sony probably hadn't planed this. The ps2 was doing simply good so Sony kept to support it. Unlike Microsoft which dropped the xbox as soon as possible. I'm sure that we will see some new ps2 games in the future but most of them will probably be movie games which aren't that great to begin with.. I'm kinda sure that the ps2 will do just fine for another 1 or 2 years in Japan.. mainly because they keep making new Ps2 tittles.. its just that none of those games really make it outside of Japan.. which is rather sad considering that they most probably would sell.. Not to mention that Sony dropped the ps2 backwards comparability on all ps3 models.. I'm sure that they did that so that they could sell some more ps2 units.. Heck, not too long ago I was watching a gaming related podcast and they were talking about the NPD sales figures.. and goes what? The ps2 had sold around 300k units.. which is a nice number considering its age.. I'm sure that there are still people out there who haven't picked up a ps2 yet and considering the great game library that the ps2 has... its really a good choice to pick up a ps2 now. Its rather cheap and so are most of the best ps2 games.. making it a cheap yet fun experience.. I would only wonder about one other thing.. how long will Sony be making more ps2's? I'm not too sure but I heard that Sony was planing on stoping the production withing 2 or 3 years..
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@kori8274 (200)
• Mexico
2 Aug 10
The XBOX is history, Microsoft did completely forget of this console after the release of the XBOX 360. In the other hand, I donĀ“t think that this will happen yet with the PS2, actually there are rumours that the PS3 slim will be compatible again with the PS2 thanks to an accessory or something like that, so we can stiil play one of the best consoles ever.
@johank88 (46)
• Sweden
2 Apr 10
Yes i think ps2 is doing great on market becouse its a good consol and i have many friends that dont want to have ps3 becouse they have ps2 consoles that they like to play on
@setsuna26 (2762)
• Philippines
29 Mar 10
I think ps2 already did its job well. I mean i think the main role of every console is to spread and make its users happy until the next improved version of it arrives. Just like ps3 its a whole new improved version of ps2, now weather or not it will survive for me theres no need to question it that much because it already made its mark on us the customers ;)
@snam23 (3158)
• United States
28 Mar 10
Yes, I think it will be able to survive, at least for 2010. It survived four years after the PS3 was released. The Xbox was Microsoft's entry into the video game console market and after the first one, they knew what they had to improve on. They fixed so many things and got so many more exclusives for the 360 that there is no need for the original Xbox. I'm pretty sure Xbox 360 has backward compatibility also, at least some models do. I think the PS3 has been doing better because of the lower price. But the PS2 still has one of the largest game libraries and the games are much, much cheaper with many retailers having massive sales. And with the PS2 being only $99, it is a great deal. It is only a matter of time before all the PS2 users upgrade to the PS3. I believe the PS2 will be able to survive till then.
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
i don t think we should get our hopes up for this cuz ps2 is merely an iteration of ps3. it s a good decision that sony will drop the production of ps2 cuz time will come when everybody will buy ps3 and if they keep producing ps2 s it ll be an additional cost. they should rather focus on the production of ps3 alone.
@saizo6 (2208)
• United States
22 Feb 10
Give it a few more years and it'll be gone. Game developers and such are definitely concentrating more on the newer generation of consoles. While there are still some games being made for the PS2 I have to be honest and say that I haven't seen a good one for years now. But you have to give props to the PS2 for lasting this long. Others seem to come and go but this one is still hanging around and it's still popular with a lot of people since it has so many games that has high playback value. But as soon as the PS3 can do playback compatibility for PS2 games I think it's over for it.
@paulick (533)
• Denmark
21 Feb 10
No i do not think that PS2 will survive. I think it will completly die within 3-5 years. Then Sony will probably introduce a PS4 or something and then fadeout PS2.
• Brazil
5 Feb 10
PS2 Will survive for some time because it was a bestseller and recently was still the best-selling console in the world despite the arrival of new generation of video-games like PS3,Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii
@MrKennedy (1993)
30 Jan 10
I think the PlayStation 2's reign of glory is finally over. It has sang its last swansong and fade away to make room for the next-gen (which is in fact the current generation) of consoles like the PS3, Wii and 360. However, I believe the PS2 has earned a place in the gaming Hall of Fame, and still has such a thrilling library of games that we can still play and enjoy for years to come
• India
26 Jan 10
PS2, now doesn't need to stay. it did more than anyone hoped from it. but still PS2's sell. there are a great number of games for ps2. though in todays date, ps2 is no match for the 360 and its big brother ps3. The ps2 was the king of consoles out there, but now its old and needs to rest in peace. unlike microsoft which made the xbox 1 to rest in peace. However, the ps2 is still gonna sell for around 1 and half year more cause some games are still being released for the ps2
@jambi462 (4591)
• United States
25 Jan 10
Probably not. Unless you grew up in the older playstation days then you probably aren't going to think that it's that cool. I still like it because that's what's I grew up with. Now graphics are ridiculous for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and there are also much better games. Let's face it outdated systems usually aren't very popular when there are new systems out.
@Java09 (3080)
• United States
24 Jan 10
I do own a ps2 and I know they don't make the games anymore since ps3 came out.I want to get a ps3.
• United States
24 Jan 10
It's all still around because the PS3 hasn't been a huge hit as Sony was wanting. A lot of people didn't switch from the PS2 to the PS3 and XBox and the Wii gained a larger market share. So games continued to come out on the PS2 even though they were also released on the PS3. It will have to stop, and the list of games between the two has been dwindling every year. It will eventually stop. Which is fine, the PS2 has a fantastic library and is a huge success already. Sony needs to hope that the PS3 numbers start picking up finally more then anything else. Well at least outside of Japan, it's still big there and well ahead of the XBox 360, just in the US the 360 is a bigger counsel.