scott brown-good or bad for america?

@AnnaB7 (757)
United States
January 28, 2010 11:46pm CST
Recently Scott Brown shockly won Ted Kennedys senate seat. I was wondering what your thoughts on the guy are? I honestly don't know yet-it is too early to tell. but do you think we should pass healthcare why or why not?
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@xfahctor (14126)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
30 Jan 10
Well, as somneone else pointed out already, it wasn't realy Kenedy's seat to begin with. Anyway...I don't know much about this guy yet, he may be alright, or he may turn out to be just another establishment republican. We'll have to see how he votes and what issues he takes on. As for healthcare, of course we should do something...just not the something they have in the pipline right now. No one wants to see healtchare funding stay as it is...something needs to be done, but if we get this wrong it will be disasterous, we absolutely have to get this done right thie first time, so it is not something we should be rushing thourhg with a massive 2000+ page bill full of legal speak and unconstitutional mandates.
@nzinky (822)
• United States
29 Jan 10
Frist off Ted Kennedy only held that seat as long as he was elected by the people...That Senate Seat belonged to the people of the United States and he only had the honor of holding it as long as he was elected by the people...... Second think Scott Brown will do a good job as long as he doesn't forget that he is holding that seat for the people of Mass......No seat in Congress is own by any one family or party...... If Mr Brown doesn't forget who put him there he should do a fine job.......And lets hope he doesn't get to be a corupt as some people have...... No we need healthcare reform but we don't need the government running it......things like reforming the way Insurance Company try to run their business but we should have the option to deside for ourself what type of Insurance we have and they need to get rid of a few of the laws about a preexzisting condition..Also we should have the right to deside if we want it or not and should be made to buy it.....
• United States
29 Jan 10
Too early to tell for now, but he mentioned in his campaign that he will not be an echo of his party. If he can show this independence in a state that seems more to the left of the national GOP, he may be good for the US. My best to him and his family. Still can't bvelieve that he called his daughters "available" in his victory speech then corrected himself and said well, just one of them is available. Hope THAT does not tell us something.