should Indian visit to Australia?

January 29, 2010 2:31am CST
Now a days we are listening in the news that Indians are getting assaulted in Australia. Whether it is a student or cabby. Now Indian Ministry of External affair issues an advisory of avoiding visiting to Australia. what are your views on this?
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• United States
30 Jan 10
Right on! If you can't be safe visiting Australia, then why go? Why spend any money when your people aren't welcome? I think all peoples should stop going until they can stop this needless violence. The best way to get any nation's attention is messing with their money. The more people avoid Australia the more impact the lost of revenue will have , the faster they will change things.I'm here in the States so i may not hear any more about this. Please start another post about the outcome. Thanks.
@vandana7 (72390)
• India
29 Jan 10
Hi Ajay, there are bad instances that have occurred in India as well! Goa and Kashmir. :( So I feel tourists from other countries should not come to our country as well. Lets also face one more thing. We have a population we cannot employ. We send our people abroad for employment, rendering local people in that country unemployed! But that should not cause any resentment amongst locals, or should it? We dont want to control our population, but we want others to control their feelings of being deprived! And we smother these feelings with our louder cries of brain drain! Think of it as your house, and I come to stay at your place, if I make your house as my permanent residence, even if I was working and pulling my weight, would you really like it? People are not racial, just confused as to why it is happening when Indians have a country of their own! How many Indians go and settle in Serbia, Russia, Peru, Argentina, even Japan? Why do we target specific countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, and Canada? Why are Chinese not coming to my country to settle down for good, nor Japanese, nor US Citizens, or the Russians? I am just confused as to how it can be called right! May be you can clarify!
@23uday (2998)
• India
29 Jan 10
Hi friend, In australia indians are facing more racism in various parts of the austrailan country.In my opinion indians are not to go study in australia and don't visit the australia present situation now.The australian police are not taking serious about our indian students, no protection and no security to indian students. have a good day.