Will payment be sent directly to paypal??

@boomima (227)
January 29, 2010 8:28am CST
I have not requested for payment even for a single time,, i heard from many discussion that soon after earning $10 the payment will be sent automatically to pay pal. Is that so?? I didn't connect my pay pal id with my lot , how to do it?? Is it that it can be done only after $10 or can be done before it.. If anyone knows the full details of this payment methods, please tell me or respond to my mail..
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@owlwings (43283)
• Cambridge, England
4 Feb 10
You don't have to request payment on MyLot. Provided that you have entered your PayPal ID into: http://www.mylot.com/nr/editPayment.aspx . you will be paid automatically once you have reached the minimum that you have chosen (by default, $10) by the last day of any month. Payments are made 'on or around' the 15th of the following month (it varies but is often before the 15th). Note that MyLot cannot make payments to all countries. That is a legal requirement of the US Government and is nothing to do with MyLot (or PayPal). If you, unfortunately, live in one of those countries to which payment cannot be made (there is a list and you will also discover whether or not you can be paid when you enter your details), MyLot will hold your earnings - so long as you log in at least once every 90 days - until such time as they are able to pay you.
@GardenGerty (128782)
• United States
1 Feb 10
I hope you read through the things linked for you at #1. If you were at $10 by midnight on January 31, you will automatically be sent your payment, provided you have got PayPal connected. If you do not get that done, it will end up waiting another month. Payout is supposed to happen no later than the 15th of the month.
@Hazelrose (2182)
• Philippines
30 Jan 10
Hi boomima,Yes,as what i've experienced working here in mylot.it's been directly in my paypal account.Have a nice day!
@mysdianait (65056)
• Italy
29 Jan 10
ALL the explanations are here in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) : http://www.mylot.com/o/faq/faq6.aspx