does height and weight really matter when choosing that significant other?

January 29, 2010 12:57pm CST
does a slim guy like it fat girl? or does a short girl like a talker guy? or does it even matter?
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@marguicha (132954)
• Chile
29 Jan 10
I donĀ“t think those things matter in general. But there is some sort of chemistry that makes people find another atractive, no matter what height or weight.
• United States
29 Jan 10
I can only speak for myself here. I a 5ft 6inches and i won't date anyone shorter than me. You have to be my height or taller. As for the fat people I don't want a fat man in my bed. He can be big and thick and solid. But,to be just fat and soggy no it will never happen.
• Canada
29 Jan 10
It depends. Slim George may be in to bigger women and tiny Tina may love a tall guy. It has nothing to do with the generalities of a persons body type, it has to do with what is going on inside each individuals mind - what it is that they find attractive, both inside and out. It really is a totally subjective issue.
• Philippines
29 Jan 10
I don't think these will all matter when you actually start to fall in love. I think when people fall in love, they won't be able to control it and he/she will love the person for who he/she is and not much for the physical attributes of that person. The physical flaws will be overlooked or seen as something beautiful and maybe that's the reason why most people say love is blind. I've seen my best friends fall in love with guys who are not so good looking. One of my best friend is even falling hard for this guy who's courting her right now and I know for sure that she likes guys who are taller than her and wouldn't give shorter guys a second look, but here she is, falling in love with a guy shorter than her. And I think it's beautiful.
@dikonoha (122)
• Indonesia
29 Jan 10
slim what the hell is no big deal, cause I'm one off it and my girl don't care about it either, and short girl like a talker guy much more then the equal one it happen to my girl who is the short girl type, but it's doesn't matter for her it's okay, it's just defense from the tough. but more shorty girl like a talker guy it's like more comfortable for them, but for some it's doesn't matter at all.