What is wrong with the Justice System?

February 3, 2010 12:58am CST
In years prior to 2001, dating back to 1953 my family had been close friends to those who owned the land neighbouring both sides. 2001- My father, was dignosed with cancer. 2002- I turned down, neighbours son, who wanted to date me, was more like a brother. summer of 2002- After many treatments, opperations etc, my father was well enough to visit the land. Needing a part off of an old car of my families that the neighbours allowed us to keep in the back meadow secluded behind the houses, it wasn't that far in to walk for and average person, though my fathers cancer was in the lungs. My uncle not wanting him to walk the distance in the heat drove him down a homemade road, to access the road you had to cut through the neighbours over grown field. The field had been used for ATV's for many years was uneven, and lumpy with tire treads. The daughter freaked out and started yelling at my uncle, about the truck ruining her property. Fall of 2002- The arguement esculated, into an agruement over the land. Even after having the deeds, compared the Nieghbours insisted the deeds were wrong, that they owned more land then the deeds stated. After having the property lines surveyed, they were half right. The deeds in possession of both homeowners were wrong, but in my aunts favor, turned out she owned more land then first thought. Nieghbours didn't like that too much. The property lines were roped off, as access to the main driveway as a few feet of it crossed the nieghbours land. Losing access to the main driveway, my aunt took back her lower drive way which had been shared by both families for many years. 2003- The Nieghbours, decide that they dont want any one or creature from my family on their land. So begin to complain about the cats and dogs going on thier land. Meanwhile their little yappy dog ran freely through my aunts property, as the Nieghbours cut through it to access their other land. 2003- My aunts dog mysteriously disapears. Her nieghbours son, brags to me about kidnapping the dog and tieing it to and old RV out in the back meadow. I tell my aunt, mysteriously the dog returns. The night afterwards the son makes a comment to me that he should have killed the dog. A few days later the dog disapears yet again, never to be seen again. 2004-2005 Nieghbour, starting display odd behavior, jumping up and down waving arms screaming at people in the yard. Smashing glass with a hammer into a bucket and then spreading the shards on the property line, with intent to HARM the animals if the try to cross the line. Aunt decides shes had enough builds a 6 foot fence running the line of the once shared driveway. Nieghbour then calls spca, enviormental board etc. Nieghour begins peeking into my aunts yard over the fence, aunt builds chickencoop, and sheds beside the house blocking her entirely from peeking over the fence. Summer 2006- Wife of nieghbour goes away, things calm down. Nothing much happens until fall. Fall of 2006- Aunt gets up one morning finds, her little dog at the bottom of the driveway beaten to death calls cops, nothing is done, Nieghbours claims they are "scared" of the animals. My aunt is now down to one dog, the one tied to doghouse. -Nieghbour starts walking up and down the road with a stick peeking into my aunts yard. -Nieghbour comes up to complain about the "killer rabbit" who likes to chase her up the road. (scared of a bunny rabbit??? oh come on) Aunt catchs bunny, gives it away, bunny dies 2 days later, one side of its bodt swelled into lumps like someone booted its rib cage in. Nieghbour is caught taking pictures of the children. Niegbour is caught teasing dog she is so scared off throwing a stick at it, retrieving the stick off our land, to throw back at him and barking at the dog. (manytimes my aunt had called the cops on the behavior this woman displayed. everytime it was brushed off.) 2007- wiring is old not up to codes, as well as some minor repairs family leaves temperarily with intent to fix up the house during the summer and move back when renovations are done. 2007- Nieghbour sets my aunts house on fire, burns it to the ground nearly everything is lost. The same night as the house is burning while the phone lines to that area is out, nieghbours son who lives in a different town then his parents is on msn, knows what is going on and finds it necessary to give his mother an alleby. 2007-We go up to try and clean up some of the mess that summer. My father grows emotionally upset, we are then asked to keep off our own land till things calm down. 2007-2008 Nieghbour becomes prime suspect in case. In this time the mailbox is stolen and vandalized 15 times in a few short months, when we appeared on our land to clean it up she would call her lawyer, the rcmp etc. We are then asked to stay off our land until the trail is settled. Yet, she also complains to others who live in the area that nothing was being done to clean up the mess. 2009- court hearings finally preceed but are dragged on through out the year, aunt tired of waiting attempts salvage something out of the land, rebuilding a starter home and working from there. Nieghbour calling rcmp, lawyer Social Services to get my aunt removed from the land, when that didn't work mysteriously high traces of asenic is found in my aunts well, the trace is so high one mouthful can kill a human being. Aunt is once again forced to move off her land. 2009- accused asks a neighbour is my aunt is mad at her for burning down her house. 2010- Nieghbour is charged with Arson. Due to special circumstances...She only recieves one year house arrest, two years of probation and order of no contact with my family. And suggested if she "ever" comes into money to pay 10k to victims. Her assets alone are worth much more then 10k. An Arsonist was rewarded, and the victims were left with nothing not even satisfaction of justice. This woman practially got away with burning down the house. http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/search/article/939256 (article of the sentencing) http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=275938551027 (facebook group started by the victims includes pictures of the damage.)
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