Lottery ??How much have you lose ..?

@cloud31 (5810)
February 5, 2010 1:39pm CST
Hello Guys, You dream about being a millionaire in one day?You heard some stories about people luck winning a million, billion of dollars? How many of you hoping for a big amount to win in a lottery? You was trying to bet just to try your luck but you already have yourself jump on a ditch/you don't realized that your losing lots of money trying to win back.. How much you lose? and how much you win back? Thank you and Happy Lotting!
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@saphrina (31733)
• South Africa
5 Feb 10
I do not play any lotto at all. Great for those that actually win something. But i am not the kind to get my hopes up for something like that. TATA.
@cloud31 (5810)
6 Feb 10
Hi Saphi, That's really good, betting in a lottery should not put much hope, some people addicted to it has waste a lot of money to their hope that it can win easily if you spend some more, they think that the possibility of winning is high if you spend more to it.Anyway im encouraging people not to be seriously involved in lottery.. Don't bet over the budget.. Control on betting as it may lead to addiction of mind to win back what you have lose. THank you Saphi and More power! God be with you always!
@markmoney (2868)
• Philippines
7 Apr 10
Hi cloudie! I don't believe in lottery, though I also tried it before. I just think that your chances of winning are too small and it's just a waste of money. I am pity on those who got addicted in lottery, specially those whose suffering from poverty. They are risking their life in luck. Lottery is a gambling and it is really not a good hobby. Have a nice day! Happy myLotting!
• Philippines
13 Feb 10
I don't bet on lottery, my boyfriend though is a different story, he loves betting, but he never wins. LOL. Anyway, it's nice to think that maybe you have a chance, even if it's really really small. Hahahaha. I don't personally know anyway who has won the lottery, and I don't think even if I have a friend who did, he/she wouldn't announce it to the world, cause it's quite risky..
@jeaz89 (117)
• Malaysia
6 Feb 10
since i get involve in HYIP and other invesment site i stop on lottery gambling , i lose so many than i win amount . But now i realize i earn more if i use all the money when i use on lottery gambling spend it on my HYIP now .
• Indonesia
6 Feb 10
my parents always telling me that joining a lottery or betting or anything like that isn't good since i was a small kid, and that's thought is still with me until now. that's why i never join in any of those program, and therefore, i haven't lose (and also never win) even a single penny from lotto