Gloria back at Jabot

@stealthy (8188)
United States
February 9, 2010 4:20pm CST
Victor is really taking it to Jack by hiring Gloria to be the face of Jabot. She is just plain wrong for that job in so many ways. After Adam she is the character that I most want to see gone from the show. I know they have to have good characters and bad characters and reformed characters but those two(Adam and Gloria) are at a higher level of bad, evil in Adam's case, and in my opinion have gone beyond what should be done on this soap.
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@happy6162 (3009)
• United States
21 Feb 10
Gloria will blow it because I am sure she has her own plans concerning Jabot and as usually they will backfire on her. It would be nice if just once Jack would win and get Jabot back for his family and then him and Ashley could run Jabot maybe in the far future.
• United States
11 Feb 10
I am sorry I missed Y and R yesterday, but I would have loved to see Gloria work for Jabot and upset Jack. Jack is another horrible character whom I wish was not getting married to Dr Peterson (which I am sure is really Patti). I miss John because he was a great character. Adam and Gloria should become the next couple. They are perfect for each other.
@dawnald (84201)
• Shingle Springs, California
10 Feb 10
Adam is evil, Gloria is merely annoying....
@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
10 Feb 10
My guess is Victor will do his best to keep Gloria from being very visible at all. That was purely about getting back at Jack...Victor doesn't respect Gloria one bit as he showed in his conversation with her. However, she's also not loyal to him so it could be interesting to see what happens behind the scenes. I would've preferred that the Abbotts and Gloria take back Jabot, but I am quite curious to see what Victor will do next. Why would he spend so much money on Jabot if he's serious about simply restoring Katherine's empire? My guess is it isn't going to be straightforward getting Jabot out of his hands again unless he can profit in some way. As for Adam and Gloria, I think you'd make the show too bland if you were in charge. I like Amelia Heinle, but I certainly wouldn't want to watch Victoria for an hour. Despite her lack of scruples, Gloria continues to add a lot of color, intrigue, and humor to the show, and she plays an important role in her sons' lives as well. I do continue to agree with you about Adam, but that's because they've stripped so many of the human qualities from him...his whole life right now is based on lies and he has continually lived up to the sociopath title Victor bestowed upon him. He can play an interesting role in certain stories, but there's a time bomb strapped to his chest which will explode sooner or later. I know some people think he's being redeemed by his marriage to Sharon, but perhaps his greatest crime is that he stole Sharon's baby so that whole marriage is based on deception.
@jewels49 (1783)
• United States
10 Feb 10
I totally agree with you..but..the look on Jacks face made me laugh out loud. That was the last thing Jack expected! Must be the money Victor is going to save on not paying gloria is how he is going to help cover the cost of Jabot?