Are you a praiser? Or just a believer?

February 10, 2010 8:41am CST
Where would you prefer to have a companion who always cheer you up? Or someone who's being true to you? Well, I am a transparent person, straight forward, outspoken, it shows thru my gestures, noticeable in my eyes, and in deed. I choose to be with the person who is mostly opposite to me. The one who is afraid to open a discussion unless you do the first move, speechless but on the back of their mind they totally agree with you. On your side, what's your stories?
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@doryvien (2293)
• United States
11 Feb 10
Hi Ella, I am a straightforward person who is ever too willing to give a piece of my mind to those who listen, but also knows when to shut up. Through time and experience I have learned that some things are better understood when left unsaid, and one should not chicken out in situations that call for bare truth and candid facts. I am appreciative of people who, like me can openly discuss topics without much inhibitions, but knows which words to use to avoid offending others. And always, I want to know the truth, know matter how painful it is. Welcome to myLot!
• Boston, Massachusetts
11 Feb 10
Hi Doryvien, Yes you are frank but have a soft heart to admire and appreciate people. that's one thing i admire in you that's why we are friends right. we can say things that will make each other become a better person and will always be there to provide support when needed. love you doryvien. thanks for being my friend...a praiser and at the same time a believer.
• Philippines
11 Feb 10
Hello DORYVIEN! In this world of reality why most of people I know are hypocrites. Well it's there life you can't dictate what they have to do. But we can change their life thru inspiring them knowing them to be a real person. Whenever they need help on my part I don't hesitate to give my hands to them. As long as I have my power to do the best that I can be.