February 11, 2010 3:19am CST
i am currently pregnant and my husband have to be away for work.he works overseas and when his contract end,our baby will be 9 months somehow worries me,but i am more than secured that he will be there supporting me all the way until he comes is just that i have a hard time with my pregnancy,with all those lower back pains and nausea and vomiting,it cause me depression family and in laws are very supportive though,but it will be more easier for me if my husband is around.
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• India
5 Apr 10
hello i have responded to your posts, that shows how much you love him, you say your inlaws are supportive, the pain naucea vomitting is part of being pregnant, it will vanish soon, you can take support of your mom or mom in law.. well had he been there, you could feel relaxed, i wish god will bless you and you will be blessed with a cute healthy baby.. Thanks for this nice post, cheers Happy easter Prof
• Philippines
6 Apr 10
thank you for the response. yeah, despite the really tough feeling of being pregnant while my husband is away i am still thankful because i have in laws and family who are very supportive of me. you are from india, right? my husband stayed there for 5 days. the ship he is into, did pass over your country from Sri Lanka.
@shylade (3132)
• Philippines
11 Feb 10
hi. i am pregnant too. the difference is my husband is always by my side. yes, it will really easier when your husband is with you. whenever i see him really excited about our baby coming and the extra care his giving me, i feel something unexplainable and my worries disappear. he will remind me to take my vitamins and drink my milk (he even make this for me), ask me what i want to eat and very patient about my mood swings.. he even join me in exercising and reading about pregnancy. as for your situation, i think he is just thinking of your future. but i really symphatizes with you. our situation is not easy dealing with everyday pregnancy discomforts. it sucks really. but do not worry too much coz everything will be alright. think of your baby. did you know that when you laugh, the baby's heart beat will be faster but when you are blue, her heart rate will be slower. thats not good for her. so always be happy and i know you can safely deliver your baby. always take care of your self. read a lot about pregnancy for you to prevent or relieve from so many discomforts we have to through. Congratulations and God bless you.
• Philippines
12 Feb 10
thanks for the advice,one good thing about my husband is that even though he is away from me,he never stops reminding me to take my vitamins everyday,drink my milk,eat lots of vegies and somehow comforts me.he also check my pregnancy development from time to time and always make sure that i go to my ob gyne for check up regularly.i just miss the times when he was still around and do things that ease my pregnancy discomforts.anyway,his being away is for the future of our family,so we must sacrifice.
@mgmagana (3618)
• United States
22 Feb 10
i'm sure that can be very hard...when i was going through child birth the only person i wanted around was my hubby and thankfully he was there.... that's good that ur in-laws are supportive otherwise that could make everything harder! well congratulations on your baby and i'm sure hubby will be there in spirit.
@maximax8 (31069)
• United Kingdom
13 Feb 10
Congratulations on your pregnancy. There can be much vomiting in early pregnancy. As the baby gets bigger there can be back pain. When I was pregnant I had nausea in the evening time. It is a shame that your husband is away from you because he is working overseas. Perhaps by email you can keep him updated with your feelings. I hope that you will have a supportive birthing partner when your baby is born. A baby grows fast and develops well in the first nine months of life. Maybe your husband could have a short period of leave just after your baby is born. Then he could come home for a few days to see you and your baby. Good luck.
@indahfth (11163)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 10
congratulations on your pregnancy. very heavy indeed if pregnant without a husband accompanied. but you should be strong, because your husband went to work. for the future of your children later. you still mempunayi besides your family, who are ready to accompany your child. indeed different, if there besides your husband, but all will run lighter if you are sincere and positive thinking.
• India
11 Feb 10
Hi, think this is the real time to show ur husband that how much ur love him in his such an unliking event. I think mejorities of the fathers of the world want to see their baby as early as possible and live near to their wife during delivery to increase her moral support. rather than making him confuse u should support him.
• Philippines
12 Feb 10
hi sachitral,thanks for the advice.that's what i am doing now,this situation is hard for both of we must give each other extra understanding and support.he would always tell me to be strong,he would always remind me to take my vitamins,have my milk,eat a lot of vegies and fruits.he also makes sure that i go to my ob gyne for check somehow comforts me,though sometimes our situation really makes it hard for us.