What do you drink?

United States
February 12, 2010 2:04pm CST
Hi, I have a question for everyone. I always have a question, because you guys answer them so great. I love your responses. Here's one. You see I have always loved coca-cola or pepsi. Tje truth be told though, I perfered coke over pepsi. Then as time went on, I realised, pepsi was much better. Hey, don't shoot me. My opinion. Now here comes the best part. How many of you drink FANTA soda? if you do, is'nt it good? Now, I love fanta. I think its safe to say hooked on it ! Its just so cold and orangey i guess thats a word. Not to much acid. Sunkist orange, Hate it !! to much acid. It'll burn your nose hairs. almost like coke, the soda..(smile). Anyway, I left out the most important thing, It must be in a bottle. Not the can. Hey if you love or like Fanta, please let me know. maybe we an start a support group...(smile)
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• United States
15 Mar 10
Hi, Truckergirl. How are you doing? I just read your discussion on What do you drink? And it seems that you and I should I say drink the same beverages. Yes, fanta is a very good and tasty beverage and I drink it whenever I order something from Burger King or should I say a Value Meal. My favorite is the "Whopper". That's what I usually order when I go there. Now on the other hand, I drink, "Pepsi" and will always be my drink or beverage that I would more than likely stay with even though I am a diabetic. On occasion when travelling to Atlantic City or from Atlantic City, I would pick up a Pepsi "Big Slam" now not so big anymore; just slightly smaller in size than the former "Big Slam" or when I'm driving local I'll pick up a big can of Pepsi or two. And it's gotta be nice 'n' cold. There's a certain gas station that I get them from close to my town. Coke is not one of my favorite soda's but I still drink some of Coke's soda's such as Sprite and Dr. Pepper. Those are the only one's out of the Coke A Cola family that I will drink.
• United States
15 Mar 10
Hi Handsome_42, Thanx so much for your response. YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO HAVE SWEETS AT ALL !! but, at least if your going to be bad, you have good taste. I'am not saying having sweets is ever a good thing when your not suppose to,but, you still have GREAT TASTE !! now, no more.....besides I know I've told you water is actually my first love of all drinks...lol...
@zkapfo123 (320)
• India
14 Feb 10
Hi truckergirl, i like to drink red bull energy drinks regularly, but sometimes i drink diet coke and tropicana real fruit juice. The most drunk fluid would be water. Drinking too much carbonated drinks causes gas and acidity problems, so i drink them moderately. Thank you.
• United States
14 Feb 10
Hi zkapo123, Thanx for your response. But, you do know to many red bulls is not good for you either. and I love water. I guess when it comes right down to it, we all have our favorites. Good,bad, or in different. Thanx again for your input ! by the way, Happy Valentines Day !! Truckergirl
• United States
3 Apr 10
I like Fanta drinks and like you said it has to be from the bottle, I prefer the bottle over a can soda any day it just has a better flavor to it and the orange Fanta is Great!!!! I agree!!!
@ifa225 (11093)
• Indonesia
15 Mar 10
I drink rootbeer, it sweeter than coke or pepsi. while fanta is too sweet for me.
• Philippines
5 Mar 10
I have tasted Fanta and i love it but its not always available in our area that is why i would rather drink coke over pepsi. I also prefer the bottled one than in cans. But then lately i learned to minimize my soda intake coz it often lead me to tonsillitis.
@cream97 (29154)
• United States
24 Feb 10
Hi, truckergirl. I love Fanta too. I love all of the flavors. But my favorite flavor is pineapple. It is very delicious!
• Australia
23 Feb 10
Hi there well to start off I have to say I have not drank any type of pop for years. im just not a big fan of it and it always gave me stomach pains so I stopped drinking it when I was about 14 or 15. Okay I lied I might have had gingerale wiht some orange juice(yes I mix those two together) a few times a year but thats honestly it. Not pop or oda as you might call it for me. The thing I drink most is water, plain water and flavoured water. I also like those low cal fruit drinks like fuse or those vitamin waters. I also drink coffee and hot chocolate but mstly only in the winter and of course I have milk but I find that I usually only have it in my cereal not on its own. When I go to restaurants I find myself drinking iced tea most of the time. i like the ones there better tan the ones you would get in a can. I really hate canned drinks all together.
@kar295rocks (2119)
• India
20 Feb 10
I do not drink these kind of carbonated drinks very often! Also, I use them as toilet cleaners - especially PEPSI AND COKE! Thank you PepsiCo for producing such a wonderful toilet cleaner!
• United States
19 Feb 10
I personally like pepsi and yeah i drunk the orange fanta before. I really do like it alot and I love to drink it, but I haven;t had it in a while.
@vherzha (223)
• India
18 Feb 10
Dear trukergirl I am like you... My all time favorite is Coke otherwise Pepsi... You know while drink Coke or Pepsi sometimes me too feel that no difference between them... But anyway I support to Coke only...Sometimes I like to drink Soda... Apart from that mostly I like to eat fruits instead to drink fruit juice...