Has anyone tried SURVEYHEAD?

Surveyhead - SurveyHead
February 15, 2010 9:47am CST
2 days ago I just came up with this site while browsing the internet called Surveyhead.com and this site pays you every time you've answered a survey and they will pay you $5 for registration only? Has anyone tried and registered to this site? Is it the real deal or its just a scam? Seems to me like the real deal. Can anybody give me suggestions? ^ ^
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• Pakistan
15 Feb 10
hey buddy survey sites are only good for usa or to some extent ca and uk.other countries cannot earn by survey sites.I m with surveyhead for about 4 months and i only get 1 survey and i havnt get the credit for that survey.The way to earn with survey sites is to referrer the americans;)
@pierrella (1088)
• Philippines
15 Feb 10
Do you know any other survey sites that benefits the Filipinos? I tried Spider Metrix. I think it pays good but it depends on where your location is. I was just able to answer 1 survey.
• Pakistan
15 Feb 10
i have tried a dozens of survey sites but failed as no surveys for Pakistani only americans can benefit from this.But i have a way which i am now doing the usa only surveys if you want this add me and pm me.
@ANIME123 (2472)
• United States
16 Mar 10
Survey sites should always be free to try at least that's how I see it. Sometimes the best things in life our free and that's what is so awesome right there.
• United States
22 Feb 10
I belong to SurveyHead. I signed up over a year ago. I think that I signed up at another survey site and was credited with $5 into my surveyhead account. You need $25 in your account to get paid. I don't go there often because I see a lot of surveys in my account but when I begin to do them, it turns out I don't qualify. So unless you fit the demographics of the particular company you won't get many surveys. Sincerely in Christ, Leesa C. Eph.2:8,9
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
19 Feb 10
no i havent tried this way of site. i will never work with a survey site
@de_toya (2433)
• Indonesia
16 Feb 10
I don't know about surveyhead. I only know that survey site mostly only for specific country, such us: USA. I have joined a survey site for a year but I don't get paid yet. It's very difficult to be qualify for their surveys. Usually I only answered some question and then they told me that I was not eligible for their survey. I think survey site is not good way to earn money online for who live outside USA, just like me.