Where will you be in 10 years?

February 25, 2010 11:35am CST
I was just wondering because it came across my mind that in 10 years time - hopefully I will be living in America with a nice house and working in a TV production company and earn a great income online through websites and work. What do you see yourself to be in 10 years?
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• Philippines
26 Feb 10
10 years from now, i hope i can have good life that time and married to someone who well deserve. i wish i already have my own business and live to my own house even if i pay it installment basis at least i know it can be mine than renting for life. and i just hope that during that year, i can give everything that can make my baby happy and feel contented.
@cripfemme (7698)
• United States
25 Feb 10
In a new apartment. I don't want a house because they're too much work. Hopefully, with a significant other and a kid or preferably two. I would also have a book published and a PhD.
@Porcospino (31366)
• Denmark
25 Feb 10
In 10 years I hope to live on another island. My husband and I are trying to find a house there. We have found a house that we like, but it is too expensive for us, I hope that we will manage to find another house that we can afford, because we really want to live on that island. I hope that I am still an artist and a writer in 10 years, and that I am succesful. I hope that I will continue to sell my paintings and that I will manage to finish my collection of short stories. I also hope that my husband and I will be able to travel a lot.
@jugsjugs (12967)
25 Feb 10
In ten years time i hope to be mortgage free aswell as have alot of money spare to get alot more things as well as to be able todo alot of things that i am unable todo at the moment.I also hope to be able to have a nice holiday and to take the children somewhere nice as we have had to go without alot of things as there has never been money spare todo things with.