If you need to make savings where you begin?What will you cut?

save money - savings
February 26, 2010 4:25am CST
Food? will reschedule the bank rates, will cut children's pocket money? or you give up your vacation you have planned one for the summer? Unfortunately two things you can cut the list of expenses, food and medical insurance. The Bank will wait, because if they lose you as client, and others too, bank will die slowly, so these days they will have to be more understanding, a vacation you can do and your parents or some friends from the sea or mountain, clothes , you can buy only what is strictly necessary, but food and bills and medical insurance are priorities. If you really need to make savings, and to cut expenditure, where you cut, which will reduce what efforts you make to get your salary every day which is less than the crisis?
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@hofferp (4737)
• United States
9 Mar 10
To reduce expenses, I cut back my television programming service, changed my internet service provider to a cheaper provider, changed my local and long distance telephone providers, changed my cell phone service to a pre-paid service rather than an annual contract, reviewed all my insurances (life, auto, home, and health) and made adjustments to them, reduced the number of trips I take in to town, started buying store brand food items rather than name brand items, weather stripped the house, changed all my light bulbs to flourescent ones, lowered the thermastat in the house in the winter and raised it in the summer, and a number of other things. I also sold a bunch of "stuff" I hadn't used in years...
@Porcospino (28313)
• Denmark
27 Feb 10
There are some things that I need to buy every month for instanse medicine and food for the pets, and I am not able to cut back on those things, but it is possible to spend less money on other things for instanse the food that we eat. If we buy cheap food and never eat in town, we will be able to save some money. I would also cut back on the things that I buy for instanse new clothes, books or cds. If I want to save money I can buy second hand clothes or just keep the clothes that I have already got. I also save money by borrowing books at the library instead of buying the books that I want to read.
@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
27 Feb 10
In order want to save more money for the future needs, i cut-down on almost every daily expenses. I tried not to spend too much on outing and eating out, since i can spend more time cooking at home. Don't on too much lights when the room is bright and clear. Only switch on the lights when necessary. Besides that, i only buy the amount of food which my family can consume. Don't overspend money on unnecessary food and ended-up being wasted and thrown away. As for the bills, i tried to pay them on time, to avoid paying the extra charges.
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
I cut the thing that is mostly not needed, like date budget, or vacations. cause if I really need the money, then I definitely can just wait another year to go to a vacation. You can never cut the budget for food, medicines, the basic needs, electricity, water and those things.
@Wizzywig (7858)
26 Feb 10
Fortunately, we do not need to have medical insurance here. people complain about our health service but i have been cared for very well. As for food, we always take advantage of price cuts and offers and waste very little. Our car is used mainly as transport to/from work as I try to get any shopping on my way home or else we combine shopping trips with necessary appointments and we try to keep our gas/electricity consumption down. We dont take holidays and have no children of pocket-money age.
@ghieptc (2525)
• Philippines
26 Feb 10
I think you have to budget you consumption of electricity, washing machine, budget your meals etc. Also Recycle your newspaper, bottles etc.