Does your precious baby or kid need life insurance?

United States
March 1, 2010 5:25pm CST
With the words life insurance people just expect that older adults need it but I see ads all the time to get your baby or kids life insurance. The take I can understand is that any thing can happen to anybody but is it wise to spend this money monthly on them? I say yes espically if you go with Gerbers plan because not only does it lock them in at a low dollar it guarantees them it even if a serious medical issue comes up. Plus you can even borrow against it with Gerbers plan. A future to help them with college, a need for some cash or a down payment. So I see it is a good investment. What about you?
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@fred11 (62)
3 Mar 10
Yes life insurances are beneficial to both young and adults. For the children Yes of course they them selves should have life insurances. It makes parenting a lot less costly because insurance policies most cover a lot of coverage that we can use in emergencies in life like hospitalizations medications when our children are sick. And some educational benefits when they go to school specially. Insurances some how are like bank you invest in it. After that you can use it and a lot more
@ladym33 (10990)
• United States
2 Mar 10
I would consider it worth it if the policy had cash value over time. If I am just borrowing against it is not that useful to me. I can see if someone has an unhealthy child who could possibly die, but most kids are going to outlive the policy. If the policy carried on to their adult hood it might be worth it. But places that provide life insurance for children are mostly just raking in the profits, because most children will be fine.