twilight versus vampire diaries

March 4, 2010 2:19am CST
i have read all the books of the twilight series as well as the vampire diaries.i have first read twilight before and i was really amazed with the twists and just loved all the characters especially the lead, edward and bella/.just recently, i was hooked with the series, the vampire see, i live in an asian country and we don't have the series shown on tv.but good thing there is the internet where i could watch.i have also watched the 2 movies of the twilight series. namely twilight and new which do you think is better, twilight or the vampire diaries?
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@lovelots (147)
• Philippines
23 May 10
I would still prefer Twilight. It like a pre-adult book that still focuses on the good. Vampire Diaries, on the other hand seemed like it is for adults. How Catherine had manipulated the two brothers and make them turn away from a very good family relationship calls for a much more mature audience.
• Philippines
3 Jun 10
You have a point there. The Vampire Diaries are deep and darker than twilight. A more matured audience will appreciate it more.
@ifa225 (11092)
• Indonesia
13 Nov 11
i love twilight after i compare the two films they have some similarity in some way, like the werewolves but not the witch. and i feel edward and bella have more chemistry rather than stefan and elene
• Philippines
3 Jun 10
I like em both. The plot of Twilight and Vampire Diaries are very different from each other that is why it is difficult to compare. Both stories are well written and it is worth reading and watching.
@Aurone (4757)
• United States
22 May 10
I really loved Vampire Diaries when I read them when I was younger, but I didn't like the Twilight series at all when I read it last year. I don't think that the writer of the Twilight series is very good at all. But I think L.J. Smith is an awesome writer and I enjoyed all of her series. If you liked Vampire Diaries, you should check out her other series. They are very good.