My mousse is a mess

@sulsisels (1685)
United States
March 5, 2010 10:40pm CST
I'm cooking for a party of 12 for lunch tomorrow and decided to do as much prep as I could here at home tonight as the boat I'm working on has a very difficult galley to work in. Everything went fine until, as usual, I got to the dessert. I found a really nice recipe for espresso chocolate mousse with an orange marscapone creme. First thing that goes wrong is that when I pulled the chocolate chips down, I noticed that I had bought semi sweet chocolate instead of bittersweet as the recipe called for. I figured, no big deal, I'll use them anyway and just omit the sugar or cut back on the sugar which is what I did. Next thing is you simmer the milk and sugar together but do not let it boil. I used half and half and while it was coming to a simmer, I got distracted and when I turned around seconds later, it was boiling...I figured,,I'll just let it cool before adding it to the chocolate in the blender. I did that, added the egg whites beat it and poured it into two large ramekins. I noticed as I was pouring it that it had millions of bubbles in it despite all the beating I did in the blender. My question is, does anyone know if it is not going to set up now? I know it sure looks wrong but am hoping that covering it with the marscapone creme nobody will notice. However, if it dosen't set,,I'm dead..I also forgot to tell you this..I left out the espresso powder all together..just forgot it..yup, thats right..So when that happened I figured once again, that Oh well, it will just be chocolate mousse, hold the espresso..All in all it is a comedy of errors and I probably should have just started over but its an expensive recipe..Do you think it is going to set? The suspense is killing me. It says that it takes 3-4 hours so I have to sit and wait..Anybody know about boiling half and half when it clearly says not to??? Thanks..The galloping gourmet!
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@gabs8513 (48703)
• United Kingdom
15 Mar 10
Lol Sulsi I hope you got your Answers here and I hope it was not messed up I am not very good at things like that so I do not even attempt them, so let me know how it went
@GardenGerty (138297)
• United States
6 Mar 10
I do not know that it will set, but I am betting it will. I imagine that the not boiling the milk thing was to keep it from either getting scorched or from forming a scum. I do hope you let us know how it turns out.