Do you have girl friends in your life @@ ??

March 10, 2010 1:24am CST
I have no girl "Friends" till now,i dont know reason too..but i have lot of boy friends in my life .I eagerly waiting for my girl friends. Do you have anything like this......
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@gooper (58)
• China
17 Mar 10
Two days ago,my exgirlfriend told me she nerver liked me. We are classmates before.But now she is working in a different city. I love her for a long time.I can not forget her.
10 Mar 10
I have several female friends in my life. And contrary to popular belief, a man can have female friends and not want to sleep with them. One of my girl friends I am attracted to, but she is unobtainable (read married) and my other girl friends I have no romantic interest in at all. However, I have been told that one of my girl friends likes me in that way, but I am not interested. If she does ask, I'll simply tell her that I am very happy with my fiancee. No idea how old you are, but before I found a job, I had no female friends. Getting a job is a very easy way of finding girl friends because girls and men work, and you all have to work together, socially interact, and get to know each other.
• China
10 Mar 10
nope,i make a girlfriend in my high school,and we fell in love for about two years.but i just like you ,i also have a lot of boyfriends.tell the truth,i'm a very shy boy.