Do you do childish stuffs with your husband or wife?

March 13, 2010 10:43am CST
Hello mylotters!Today is a real fun day at home.I was about to take a shower and had to brush my teeth first when suddenly my hubby came in bringing an ice cold water in a pitcher and poured it unto me without notice making me scream and freeze.In return,I also got the sprinkler and directed it to him making him wet as well.We had this for around 3 minutes laughing and shouting at the same time.We finally stopped when we're both out of breath due to laughter.I enjoy moments like this when we do some childish stuffs in the house.How about you?Do you engage in childish things too with your partner?If yes,what do you do then?
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@3nTrOpY (25)
• India
25 Mar 10
Doing cute things when both are alone is a good indication of loving each other
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
21 Mar 10
Well, thats the real love life is.. When we dont have childish stuffs then life will be mechanical and no life in it. I am very naughty than her, while gardening we love to do it together, but rather than watering plants, we pour it on each other and play in mud.. its very funny. But this makes us always stay young!!
• Malaysia
15 Mar 10
Ohw that so sweet, well i think everyone need to have a little childish behaviour sometimes to stay young and not be a grumpy adult which i think most of us want to avoid from becoming one. I don't know if this is a childish act between my partner and I but we hanging out talking he will just suddenly start to tickle me as if i was a baby that he wanted to listen to my laughter. When he stop i will take my revenge by tickling him back...
@madteaparty (2758)
• Japan
14 Mar 10
I'm not married, but I do lots of childish things with my boyfriend. Even if we're grown ups, we like to play, or to do kiddy stuff as it's not only fun, but makes our relationship fresh too. What I do with my boyfriend is personal, so I won't give examples, but I think everyone should stop behaving like adults all the time and have some fun
13 Mar 10
We've been together for more than 20 years but we are still childish sometimes. Our children despair of us! We have this silly game where one of us hides something and the other one finds it. Then they hide it somewhere else. This can go on for weeks as we don't bother to look very hard and usually just come across it. The other morning I found an egg cup we had been hiding in the lunch box I had taken to work so the next day I put it on the frong seat of my husband's car. It's all very silly but we don't care!
@cher913 (25861)
• Canada
13 Mar 10
hey good for you. times like these are what makes marriages last! hubby and i have been married for 22 years and we still do stuff like this. we have pillow fights and that sort of thing too!
13 Mar 10
LOL Oh yes, we both behave in a very childish manner sometimes. We've been known to act like kids for no apparent reason other than it's fun. The other weekend we were cooking rice and he put a handful down my back, I retaliated by dropping an ice cube down the front of his jeans - lol
@YoungTay (83)
• United States
13 Mar 10
yes actually i do because somtimes we play fight an i let her beat me up an stuff like that lol i think its childish but fun cause we not as of a serious couple we have fun more than just be so serious about stuff
@SomeCowgirl (32254)
• United States
13 Mar 10
My husband and I also have our childish fun. Usually it's tickling each other, He'll start tickling me or I him. Its fun and we do end up out of breath from laughing so hard and trying to get away.
@myramae19 (667)
• Philippines
13 Mar 10
hi dragon your topic brings back memories... It happened 3 years ago, when my hubby took his first vacation in our country, I'm 9 months pregnant that time.. he's not in the mood cos he can't make a score to me cos i'm just waiting for my water bag to burst. while he's pretending asleep I bit his left ear, he he then he screamed so loud, And i was thinking that I really bit him hardly???so I said sorry and comforted him like a baby, but he suddenly bit my little finger too and really laughing to the max Doing childish stuff sometime is fun
@ronaldinu (12439)
• Malta
13 Mar 10
Thanks dragonangel for posting this discussion. First of all are you a dragon or an angel or a bit of both? I think that these moments really help a couple to break the ice, break the tension that accumulates sometimes over stupid minor arguments. I remember how I was more cheerful prior to marriage, we used to do picnics outside in the countryside and end up playing rough by throwing things at each other. Once I was helping her washing the floor (ceramic tiles). I saw my wife busy doing something else there was half a bucket clean water which I gladly poured on her back.... She was intelligent enough to let me forget what I did. Later, I was helping her cleaning the bathrooms where I received a cold shower which took me completely by surprise.
@saphrina (31733)
• South Africa
13 Mar 10
I normally wait till we go to bed. Then i would lift his eyelids and ask if he's asleep already. You should see that face. It is so comical. And the best of all, i do it every night. TATA.
@pastorkayte (2255)
• United States
13 Mar 10
He does silly stuff on occassion and it almost always deals with food. See because I love to cook, I am always creating some new recipe or making some new dish for my family, when I am doing that he will steal the ingredients when I am not looking which will make me have to stop and look for them, then he will look all innocent like he did not do anything and later he will miraculously find the ingredients and come around looking for kisses as a reward.