Laptop as companion

@dhawanbm (3705)
March 16, 2010 10:11am CST
Do you see laptop as your companion, else we find it so useful as a gadget. I love to carry my own HCL anywhere and everywhere. Most important aspect is its wireless internet connection as I enter my library and expect all the things in a jiffy. Its all the work done so fast without any costs or what so ever at perfect ease of my lap as I work and write this one blog for you guys!
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@Porcospino (28042)
• Denmark
29 Mar 10
My laptop is a great companion and I use it in many different ways. I have a wireless internet connection, so I am able to use my laptop anywhere in my country. That is really nice and I love the freedom that it gives me. I study online, and if I want to go away for a few days I can simply bring my laptop and my wireless internet connection and work somewhere else. When I was using a desktop and a wired internet connection, I didn't have that kind of freedom, and I really appreciate the fact that I can work anywhere.
@nangisha (3503)
• Indonesia
24 Mar 10
I find my laptop as good companion especially when you have a lot of spare you can play game or used internet. When I bring my internet outside I will use wireless connection, its can be easily found any were this day from library to cafe. I usually only can use that service for 2 hours because my laptop battery can only last that long.
• India
22 Mar 10
yaaaa. Most of the younger user used the laptop according to the pc
@Roopjyoti (101)
• India
16 Mar 10
Of course, your laptop is very helpful in todays modern days. i also use one. But be careful, a scientific resource prove that laptop using guys are often loosing their man power. Do you understand what I want to say.
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
yes i see them as a very reliable companion. life nowadays is face paced. it's hard to keep up when you do things slow. laptop's (computers) are arguably the fastest information gateway available today. i can't think of anyone who doesn't have one.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
16 Mar 10
because the internet is so handy and you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world and do so many things on the net (shop, play games, watch movies, etc) you dont need anything else!