Am I ?

March 24, 2010 3:45am CST
I have a lots of friends before I was promoted to an "A" class. However, later my friends leave me alone and never talk to me anymore. I am sad and depressed. I want to talk this out but they ignored it. What do you think that they have left me behind?
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• India
23 Sep 12
Most people on this earth are jealous, when some one becomes rich, gets a promotion, build a house; even live happily with kids, grandkids they feel bad; such persons i term as unsocial rather.. so no wonder they left you, may i ask; what you mean by A class? thanks for sharing
• Philippines
24 Mar 10
yes, the best thing for you to do is to find a way to talk with them and ask what's wrong. There are possible reasons why they ignore you maybe because of jealousy or you've changed a lot that you never notice. Try to do some reflections.
• Philippines
24 Mar 10
They are jealous because you are promoted. just ignore them if they dont wanna talk it out. make new friends in your new class.