do you wear your bra while sleeping at night?

@rosey19 (951)
March 26, 2010 1:07am CST
they said that wearing bra during the night while sleeping is not good because it can cause breast cancer (i do not know if it is true or not) but for me, i;m not comfortable in sleeping if i will wear my bra during sleeping. what about you, do you wear your bra while sleeping during the night?
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@rajupaul (973)
• India
15 Jun 10
Any scientific reason I don't know. But during night time if you wear tight inner garment can slow your blood circulation.
@chanlot (189)
• Indonesia
15 Jun 10
I think that opinion is not correct, because there is no scientific evidence that proves such an opinion. All around me almost all women wear a bra while sleeping at night and found them in good health and no problems. But maybe you should choose a bra that does not teralu tight so air can move freely around the chest.
• India
13 Jun 10
Hello this is false information, usually women remove the bra at night to feel more comfortable, becoz they wear almost entire day, another thing if one has large sagging boobs, she needs support and wear.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
• Canada
2 Apr 10
I only wear one to bed when I have some one sleeping over or am with someone else in the room with me while I sleep. I find them uncomfortable and they are back for your back to sleep in them but I have bigger boobs than some (or most) and its awkward to sleep or walk around in pjs without one when Im with otehr people. Even when Im just camping with family I feel the need to wearone while I sleep for the comforte of everyone.