Is there anyone here that is earning a huge amount of money from the internet?

@jinjer168 (1598)
March 27, 2010 2:41am CST
Hello, fellow mylotters! as you can see most of my discussions are related with how to earn money. Because as a newbie internet user and a mom who likes to stay at home doing on line job, is there really someone here who uses a program in the net that gave you huge amount of money? pls tell me how. Tnx!
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@atv818 (1987)
• United Arab Emirates
28 Mar 10
You cannot get rich quick through online businesses. You need to have patience and consistency to do this everyday. Consider this like planting and harvesting. For the first few months, you need to plant first (doing it everyday, looking for direct referrals, study the sites by reviewing the Terms and Conditions, chat at the forums with experts to get tips, etc). I assure you, if you plant all these, you will HARVEST! I am a member of 15 sites and finish everything in less than 2 hours. That's it. I'm new to this as well. Roughly 2 months. My first month was trial and error. Was scammed three times until I met my upline who is now guiding me and everything now is so easy I'm cashing most of them by next month. I got $36 in my Paypal with another $36 pending cash-out. Upline, who has been doing this for the past two years is now earning $1,500 monthly. Should you need more info and assistance, add me as your friend and PM me. Cheers to your online success and God bless you!
@adequee (204)
• Malaysia
7 Apr 10
walala..this is a long journey to get stabilize but for me it is better than never,why i didn't think about this 2 years ago.. ..enlight me atv818.. adequee ;-)
@CatGods (4592)
• United States
27 Mar 10
For me, I find that the best way is to use my own ideas and skills to generate money. I make money from selling online in free marketplace sites and I also do tarot card readings of which I have been doing online for the last 10 years.
@jinjer168 (1598)
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
Good for you! hope you earn more and finally say you'll be a millionaire because of the internet.
@ifa225 (11093)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 10
no, i am not, it is not easy just to have $2, i can only make it here in my lot.
@dangahol (71)
• Philippines
27 Mar 10
I heard that blogging and directing traffic to your blog can really make you a lot of money but you need to be creative in doing a blog since you need to update it constantly and think of innovative ideas and things to write about so that you will have a nice traffic directed to your site or people visiting your site. Hope this helps :)