WOMEN, GIRLS or LADIES, playing warcraft, generals, or any of the likes..

March 27, 2010 9:07am CST
I was having a little chat with my brother when we came across playing computer games. He was telling me a lot about his internet playmates, there were good ones and those who well, weren't really that good. then i asked him if there were any girls... he laughed at me and said, no girls play DOTA (i think it's a warcraft game..)... When i told him that if there was, and that woman could actually beat him, what would he think of that woman.. "that would be cool" was his reply.. what do you think? what is your impression on girls playing such games?
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@ifa225 (11093)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 10
I think it is normal now if a women playing such those games. Now all the games are not manipulate by man's games or woman's game. these days men and women are equal. maybe that makes me think this way
@dr9rim (247)
• Australia
28 Mar 10
saying no girls play DOTA is a wrong assumption. DOTA is played worldwide and if people think there is just no girl playing dota is because they have never met or seen one. i have a lot of friends who play CS, WoW, Dota, gunbound, pangya, quake, diablo 2, warcraft 2, warcraft 3 and heaps more. and some are really good. one of my teammate in my CS team for tourneys back in 2003 is a girl. and at tourneys, it is not rare to find all girl teams. so i would bet there are girls playing dota. they just don't want to announce it to avoid being harassed.
@AlecJB (43)
28 Mar 10
I know a lot of girls who play World of Warcraft. By a lot I mean 10 plus. I do not think gender makes a difference in games, atleast it shouldn't. However I often find when guys find out a character is being played by a female, they flip out a bit and totally change they act when with them in game. This really shouldn't happen and it justifies why a few females I know who play World of Warcraft actually play male characters to stop us guys from being morons amungest them! Quite funny, really.
@mackiejp (376)
• Philippines
27 Mar 10
"No girls play those games for boys..."that is not true...I love to play strategy games, from play station times until now that we installed many games in our PC. I played Generals, Battle realms, Sniper and etc. This is one of my venues where I can learn good strategy. I just love the idea that I defeated my enemies and conquered their kingdoms, my husband and son taught me to play these games. And I do love it.
@setsuna26 (2409)
• Philippines
27 Mar 10
I think your little brother is quite right, as of now i just saw one girl playing dota and thats because her boyfriend is asking her to try and play it too. For some reason girls dont find it fun to play those kinds of stuff that we guys love to play alot. ;) But that doesnt mean they cant play the game its just that most of them dont like to even try it at all
• United States
27 Mar 10
I think that more women should play games. It's great diversity while playing whatever game it may be instead of just playing with a bunch of guys who talk about the same stuff ALL of the time. Plus, girls don't seem to trash talk as badly as guys and you are more likely to have an intelligent conversation with them. This has just been my experience playing World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike: Source.